Academic journals act as an integral source of research for all UCFB students; but from now on, students could be gathering references from one academic in particular.

Dr Gerald Griggs, Head of UCFB Etihad Campus Academics, was recently elected onto the editorial board of the major academic journal, Education 3-13 – International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education.

Gerald has worked in education for over 20 years and is a globally recognised figure in his field of Primary Physical Education. He has published a number books and a number of international peer reviewed journal articles.

We caught up with Gerald to learn more about the role, along with the importance of journals within academic research.

Congratulations on your appointment, Gerald! Firstly, how does it feel to have been appointed to the editorial board of a major journal?

I am very honoured to be invited. I am joining esteemed company from many leading institutions such as Cambridge, Harvard and UCL.

Please could you delve into the purpose of the journal? What is its aim?

The journal publishes peer reviewed articles representing the highest quality research and analysing practice relating to children between the ages of 3-13, both in the UK and internationally.

What does the role entail and what will you be looking to achieve whilst on the board?

The editorial board is essentially a team of experts in the journal's field. Editorial board members key roles are to review submitted manuscripts and advise on journal policy and scope. More broadly they act as advocates for the journal and uphold its standards and values.

Is this a role you’ve been interested in for a while? Tell us about the process involved?

Before this role I had published in the journal for over a decade, reviewed many papers and edited a special edition. I’ve always advocated the journal to others and so it seemed a natural step in many ways. I did express my interest last year and was invited to submit an application to be considered by the board earlier this year. Once I had passed scrutiny, more recently I have had meetings with the editor before final confirmation was given.

How important do you think journals are within student research? How do they fare as a source of information when compared to books and online sources?

International peer reviewed journals are the gold standard for research. Academics should always aspire to be published in them and students should always make the effort to read them.

Have you got any advice that you can offer to UCFB students who will be submitting their dissertation projects this year?

Read, read and read!

Finally, what advice would you give to a UCFB student that is looking to get their dissertation published?

Every publication has its own guidelines or house rules. Find them and follow them else you won’t make it past the first review.