CEO of a Sports Organisation programme leader Dr Ian Lawrence, who works for GIS' VSI Executive Education, has published a book that explores the challenges of senior management roles within elite sport, entitled The ‘C-Suite’ Executive Leader in Sport. By interviewing global sports industry leaders, he strives to bridge the gap between literature and real-life experience through applied insight.

Commenting on his thought-process behind the book, Ian said: “The ‘C-Suite’ executives are the outward facing embodiment of power for most organisations. What is somewhat surprising, given the level of inquiry that such roles have stimulated is that our understanding of the C-Suite executive within the world of elite sports still remains rather ambiguous, conflicted and outdated.”

He added: ““What is the ‘lived experience’ of ‘C-Suite’ executives and how does it relate to existing research? The book provides a nuanced appreciation and understanding of the major roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by senior executives.”

The ‘C-Suite’ Executive Leader in Sport examines a range of issues, from masterminding innovation and change, to current challenges faced and the future of the C-Suite leader in elite sport. The book blends academic theory with a selection of interviews from global sports industry leaders to provide readers with an insight into the realities of being a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other ‘C-Suite’ titles in sport.

Featuring Chris Brindley MBE, Chair of the Rugby World Cup 2021, Megha Parekh, Executive Vice President at Jacksonville Jaguars, and numerous other CEOs and directors in the sports industry, The ‘C-Suite’ Executive Leader in Sport has far reaching implications on senior leadership efficiency across the sector.

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