During a GIS networking event at Watford FC, Rohan Shukla approached the club’s Commercial Director, Paul O’Brien, to inform him what they were doing wrong with their Indian market. A bold move for a student with no experience in the industry.

Explaining the process behind this career-changing move, he said: “I just knew that I had to go up to him and give my elevated pitch, in terms of making sure that I made him aware that I could really help in this field. I was very nervous and very scared, but at the same time I knew it was my only shot.”

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Several interviews and an internship later, Rohan secured the role of International Marketing Officer at Watford, which focuses on growing the club’s global market and fanbase, particularly in India. With the financial privileges and endless exposure of the Premier League following Watford’s promotion last season, he brings football fans all over the world into the community club just north of London.

As a MSc Football Communications & Marketing graduate, Rohan is certain that without GIS and their extensive network in the sports industry, he would have never secured a role at a Premier League club – his ultimate career goal.

He explained: “I studied at GIS because I knew they catered to this specific industry, the football industry. I knew that the networking options that GIS would provide me would be like no other. GIS bridges that gap in terms of you connecting with these influential speakers.”

Having fully capitalised on the opportunities presented to him at GIS, Rohan is reaping the rewards now: “How happy I am? On a scale of 1-100, probably 156.”