By Rebecca Hawksworth

UCFB Etihad Campus student Francesca Doran recently had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work behind the scenes at one of the country’s biggest television channels.

Last year BA (Hons) Football Business & Media students benefited from ITV Granada presenter Sarah Jayne Hall teaching their TV production lectures, and Fran was able to secure a day’s work experience at the television company’s studio in Media City, Manchester after Sarah recommended Fran to her husband, Chris, who works on the sports desk at ITV Granada.

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Fran’s experience has opened her eyes up to what a career within TV broadcasting would be like

Speaking about her day at ITV Granada behind the sports desk, Fran said: “I spent the morning with Chris looking at the sports pieces that were going out on the show later that night. I saw how he writes his scripts because he was going to Old Trafford to do a live report. Also, I helped him fact check for the upcoming FA Cup games.”

She added: “Later that day I went on location to a house in Cheshire to watch David Chisnall report on an adrenaline junkie couple. Back at Media City later that afternoon I watched the rehearsal of that evening’s news broadcast and then the live show from the gallery, taking in everything that was going on around me.”

Fran’s experience has opened her eyes up to what a career within TV broadcasting would be like, and it is a future she is now considering. Additionally, Fran spoke of how it built up her self-confidence and motivation to look into other similar placements in the future.

Asked what she took away from her placement, Fran said: “As I said, it was something I really enjoyed and I would like to do after UCFB. Chris said he would be happy to see me back again for some more experience which was nice to hear.”

She finished: “It’s given me a desire to learn more about the industry and look for other potential placements and graduate schemes in TV.”

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