Sports science and, in particular, sports psychology are playing a bigger and more important role than ever in the professional environment.

Its importance hasn’t been lost on Kieran, who along with a number of other BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology students at UCFB, has set up the Psychological Society. Its aim is to bring all psychology students, and those with a passion for psychology, together to help each other further develop their knowledge of the expanding field as well as provide opportunities for members to gain training and experience.

Kieran chose UCFB as his higher education institution of choice for a number of reasons, namely his passion for sport and the opportunity to study at its heart, as well as providing the degree programme he believes is best for his future career.

In his time at UCFB Kieran has undertaken a number of work experience roles, one of his main highlights being when he undertook a shadowing experience at the Dynamic Sports Academy in London – an academy for American football teams where they can receive one-on-one coaching and gain access to mental skills programmes.

Post UCFB, Kieran plans to further his academic career by completing a Masters in sports psychology with the eventual aim of pursuing a path in academia and lecturing.

“The element I enjoy the most about the course is the cognition and emotion element of sports psychology, learning about relevant theories of anxiety and pressure in relation to performance," Kieran explained.

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