Straight from the screens of Norwegian news to GIS in London, Silje Meese recently began her MSc Football Business programme at UCFB Wembley. Here, the Norwegian student tells us about why she left her homeland to study in London, what she loves about the sports industry and how she’s balancing her TV work with her studies…

What made you decide to study the Football Business programme at UCFB Wembley? 

My whole life has always revolved around sport and I’ve known that I want to work in the industry for several years, so the MSc Football Business gives me a unique chance to specialise in something I am so passionate about. The course is up to date and relevant to the current state of the football industry, and is a great addition to my Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing. But what really sold me was the networking opportunities and of course being able to study with the incredible views on offer at Wembley Stadium!

What is it about the football and sports industry that fascinates you? 

There are so many things, but first of all the extreme size and phase of the industry – you learn something new every day and the opportunities are endless. It’s all about passion and it connects so many people around the world, and I definitely believe the sports industry is more than just entertainment. As I want to work with CSR in the future, football and sports are great for inclusion, social improvement, connecting communities and creating identity.

Are you excited about living and studying in London and away from home in Norway? 

I’m definitely excited about living in London! I am a huge Arsenal fan, so I’m sad I won’t be able to attend any matches anytime soon, but living in a city that breathes football and sport is amazing. I have already lived in Barcelona for a year, and it was incredible to experience a new city by living there. There are more opportunities outside of Norway, so I can’t wait to see what the year (maybe years) in London will look like!

Tell us more about your job as a reporter at TV2. Will you still be broadcasting while studying? 

I started working with TV2 at the end of May, and have been a sports reporter doing reports for television and writing online news articles. It has been really interesting to experience different sports from a media perspective. Because of the travel restrictions from Norway, I will be working a bit from here (London), as well as doing some freelancing. But I also want to direct my focus towards the business side of the industry.

What do you hope to take from the programme into your job at TV2? 

The main thing that I will transfer from my studies to my current job is the network. As I go along I will learn about new aspects of the industry which will help me find new stories and possible news.

Similarly, what do you think you’ll be able to bring to the programme from your experiences of working in broadcasting? 

There are lots of things I have learned about broadcasting that is helpful for me in my studies and my future in the industry. First of all, how to handle and talk to media personnel, athletes and others in a professional matter. How to listen and ask questions, stepping out of my comfort zone and creating stories and content that appeals to the consumers. Not to mention the relationships with my colleagues and people in the sports industry in Norway.