On campus and online students, as well as alumni, will be able to attend GIS's Global Sports Summit in Atlanta, based at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The summit is based around seven days of specially tailored talks, workshops, exclusive networking opportunities and visits specific to the North American sports industry.

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What will the Summit include?

  • Enhance your knowledge of the US sports industry from professionals working at some of the biggest organisations in the United States;
  • Understand and see first-hand how sport operates in one of the biggest and most successful markets in the world;
  • Network with industry decision-makers and enhance your employment opportunities in the North American sports industry;
  • Experience incredible live sport at one of the world's best stadiums.
Confirmed experiences
Live sport experiences

Experiencing live sport will form a key part of the Summit. Our schedule of live sports will be as follows:

  • Wednesday April 15th: NBA @ State Farm Arena: Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Sunday April 19th: MLS @ MB Stadium: Atlanta United v Portland Timbers
Organisations attending
  • Elite sports teams and franchises;
  • Stadium and venue staff;
  • Sports club owners and management groups;
  • Sports agencies;
  • Sports media and broadcasters;
  • Former and current players, managers and coaches.
Guest speakers

Speakers from the following organisations already confirmed:

  • Atlanta United FC
  • Atlanta United Foundation
  • Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
  • Atlanta Braves (MLB)
  • Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
Behind the scenes access
  • Mercedes-Benz-Stadium
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground (Atlanta United training facility)
City experiences

A number of optional city experiences will be arranged as part of the trip to showcase the best that Atlanta has to offer.

Networking opportunities

Networking with key players in the sports industry will form a central part of the Atlanta Sports Summit. There will be opportunities to meet with senior leaders and decision makers from major sports organisations, providing an excellent chance for attendees to build connections and build their personal brand whilst learning about the local sports market.

Bookings are now closed for the Atlanta Global Sports Summit 2020. If you have any queries about the summit, please email global@ucfb.com.

Travel & accommodation

Accommodation for this opportunity will be booked by UCFB, and students will be required to pay the full amount to confirm their place at the summit. Travel is to be booked independently by students.

Booking details

Bookings are now closed for the Atlanta Global Sports Summit 2020. If you have any queries about the summit, please email global@ucfb.com.

Please note: once a payment has been made to UCFB to book your place, your rights as a traveller are subject to the terms and conditions of our accommodation partner, and not UCFB. UCFB will be passing all payments on to our accommodation partner and as such will not be holding the payments of students. Please click here to view the booking terms and conditions.

The UCFB travelling group will be staying in a hotel in Downtown Atlanta, conveniently located close to our summit activities.

All rooms are twin shared rooms. Attendees will be able to specify who they would like to share a room with. If not specified, we will pair attendees together, but always same sex.

What is included in the fee I pay to UCFB?
  • Accommodation;
  • Major League Soccer and NBA games.

What’s not included?

  • Flights;
  • Food and drink;
  • General spending money;
  • Optional group city activities;
  • Optional live sport experiences;
  • Visa;
  • Travel insurance.
Travel & logistics

Attendees are to book their own travel to and from the Atlanta Sports Summit. This will allow students and alumni maximum flexibility with their travel plans. UCFB will hold no responsibility over the travel plans of any of the Summit attendees. After booking your accommodation through UCFB and booking your travel plans, UCFB will request the details of your flights.

UCFB recommends booking your travel plans through our approved travel partner www.fairway-travel.co.uk, who have the full details of the Atlanta Sports Summit and will be able to assist you with your flights. Please contact emma@fairway-travel.co.uk if you wish to do so.

Links between Atlanta International airport, the Mercedes-Benz Arena and our accommodation are direct and easily travelled.

Flight details

Attendees are welcome to arrive in Atlanta before the first day of the Summit and stay after the end of the Summit if they wish, however the timings and plans for the Summit dates are as follows:

  • Monday 13th April - Day 1 of the Atlanta Sports Summit. Arrival will be required at our residences in Atlanta by 4pm at the latest. The first meeting will be at approximately 5pm local time at the hotel. UCFB staff will be on hand to assist with arrivals.
  • Monday 20th April - The GIS Sports Summit comes to a close, and we check-out of our hotel in Atlanta. There will be no activities on this day so you are free to leave at any time.

Please do not book your travel plans before booking your place on the Summit with UCFB. It is the responsibility of every attendee to ensure that their travel plans are suitable to attend every session and activity of the Summit. We will be happy to assist you with your travel plans once you have booked your place on the Summit and will provide you with detailed guidance on how to be at the right place at the right time.

Estimated costs

If travelling from and back to the UK, return flights are currently around £600 in total.

Discover Atlanta

Your guide to Atlanta
A brief history

Home to civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta is the capital of Georgia state and remains a vital interstate for road and rail in the US, not to mention Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, which is one of the busiest in the world. Despite having a relatively small population of 500,000, Atlanta’s place in modern US life remains as important as it did in the 19th century, when it was captured by Unionists during the American Civil War. Atlanta can also claim to be the home of Coca Cola – in 1886 pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton created the soft drink that went on to conquer the world.

Things to do

The World of Coca Cola allows visitors to find out more about Pemberton’s creation, as well as find out more about the secret recipe and see legendary artefacts from the history of the bestselling drink in the world – don’t forget your souvenir! When you’re finished learning about Coca Cola, walk over the road to the Centennial Olympic Park, built to celebrate the city hosting the 1996 Olympic Games, to relax, explore and splash around in the Fountain of Rings. Finally, for those who get their thrills hanging upside down, Six Flags has two parks in Atlanta to help you relax away from lectures and studying.

Sport in Atlanta

Home to the world’s most forward-thinking and spectacular stadium? Check. Home of the MLS Cup champions? Check. Scene of one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history? Check. The sporting pedigree of Atlanta, nestled in the southern US state of Georgia, is unquestionable. Away from the bright lights of New York, LA and Miami, Atlanta is a modern city determined to make its mark on the world’s sporting map.

Find out more about sport in Atlanta

Food & drink

You’re in the south now, it’s all about barbecue and fried chicken… and lots of it. If you want barbeque, the smoked wings at Fox Bros and BBQ pork at Heirloom Market are a pretty decent place to start. Fried chicken exists on almost every street corner, but The Busy Bee Café and Mary Mac’s keep the locals happy. A special mention must be given to the overlooked peach. With Atlanta being in Georgia, peaches are a rite of passage here, so if you see peaches on the menu just order them however they come. Trust us.

Bookings are now closed for the Atlanta Global Sports Summit 2020. If you have any queries about the summit, please email global@ucfb.com.

Frequently asked questions
What are GIS’s Global Sports Summits?

GIS’s global study hubs will each host one Global Sports Summit at each hub in the 2019/20 academic year, providing attendees with providing attendees with a packed schedule of industry insight, professional development and networking opportunities. They will feature guests from renowned sporting organisations, locally tailored to each global study hub, allowing attendees to learn best practice and understand how sport is managed within each country. Each Global Sports Summit will provide guests grouped into three categories: from the boardroom, from the industry and from the pitch, allowing students and alumni the opportunity to truly understand all aspects of sport.

Click here to view the GIS Global Sports Summit calendar for the 2019/20 academic year.

I want to visit a Global Hub but can’t afford to pay for travel and accommodation. What options do I have?

UCFB believes strongly in the benefits of students and alumni attending GIS Global Sports Summit, however we recognise that this comes at a cost to the individual. As a result, we have developed UCFB’s Global Insight Series, a portal of content regularly updated, featuring thought leadership, Q&As and career advice from UK campus guest speakers as well as from all of our global hub partners.

I’m an online student, can I still visit a GIS global hub?

Yes! All current students and alumni will be able to attend a Global Sports Summit at a GIS global hub.

Can you attend a Global Sports Summit if you are not a current UCFB student or alumnus?

No. Places are only available for current UCFB students studying at undergraduate or Master's level, as well as all UCFB alumni.

Can I attend more than one Global Sports Summit?

Yes! Places are limited at every Summit, however there is nothing stopping you applying to attend more than one event.

What are GIS’s global hubs?

GIS’s global hubs will provide current students and alumni the opportunity to attend Global Sports Summits, based at some of the world’s leading stadiums. GIS’s global hubs are based at New York's Red Bull Arena, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Toronto FC's BMO Field and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

UCFB has exclusive partnerships with these stadiums, providing a unique global network for students and alumni.

Can I visit a GIS global hub at any time of the year?

Currently GIS’s global hubs will only be accessible during each Global Sports Summit. In time, UCFB may look to increase accessibility through more educational events.

What are the benefits of visiting a global hub?

Visiting a Global Sports Summit at one of GIS’s global hubs will allow you to grasp a true understanding of how different sports are managed around the world by hearing first-hand from leading sports organisations, which will be locally tailored to each global hub location.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to further develop professional skills and gain a cultural awareness of another part of the world. International educational experiences have been shown to boost student prospects across a variety of areas, particularly:

  • Increased average earnings;
  • Increased employment rate;
  • Increased overall grades.
Do GIS's global hubs provide any other benefits?

In addition to all benefits listed for those visiting a GIS global hub, there is still a host of benefits that will arise from UCFB’s international expansion, including:

  • Thought leadership from our global hub partners, accessible through UCFB’s Global Insight Series and the content hub of the UCFB website;
  • Increased work experience and employment opportunities for current students and alumni, through increased international employer engagement;
  • A more global alumni network.
How will we get from the accommodation to the Mercedes-Benz Arena each day?

Our hotel is in approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This journey can also be made by public transport, one train change is required and the final stop is just next to the Stadium.

I’ve registered my details on the booking form but not made my payment for accommodation on the UCFB Online Shop. Is my place booked on the trip?

Booking for this summit is now closed. If you have any queries please contact global@ucfb.com.

Can I book my travel through UCFB for the Atlanta Sports Summit?

To allow students and alumni maximum flexibility, Summit attendees must book all travel arrangements independently which can be found above on this page, however if further information is required please contact Atlanta@ucfb.com and our team will be happy to help you with your travel plans.

Is there an approved travel agent that you recommend I use to book my travel to the Summit?

UCFB works closely with Fairway Travel, who have years of travel expertise. Their team know all the travel requirements for the Atlanta Sports Summit and will be more than happy to help you book. Please contact Emma Coates at emma@fairway-travel.co.uk to find out more.

Can I book my own accommodation for the Summit?

Accommodation for this opportunity will solely be booked by UCFB, and to book your place at the Summit you must book accommodation through UCFB. All attendees will be staying at the same hotel for the duration of the Summit. We have chosen a hotel that is not only conveniently located to the Summit, but also very competitive financially.

What type of accommodation will we be staying at?

We will be staying in a hotel in downtown Atlanta conveniently located near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. All rooms are twin shared rooms. Attendees will be able to specify who they would like to share a room with. If not specified, we will pair attendees together, but always same sex.

Can I arrive a few days before the Summit / leave a few days after the Summit to explore the US?

Attendees are free to make their own travel arrangements as they see fit, however are reminded that for the duration of the Summit (13th-20th April) their accommodation is fixed as per the Summit schedule. For more details on this, please visit the Atlanta Summit information page.

Do I have to attend every day of the Summit, or can I pick and choose which days and which activities to attend?

Attendees are expected to attend all sessions as part of the Summit. Whilst the Summit is ongoing, the focus of all UCFB and local staff will be on providing an excellent experience for those in attendance.

Will there be free time included in the schedule for me to explore the city?

Yes – we know that attendees will want time to themselves to explore the area at their own leisure and this will be scheduled into the Summit agenda.

Will the live sports games be free of charge?

Some live sports games will be free of charge – these will be core activities that form a part of the Summit. These include a Major League Soccer and NBA games.

When will a full schedule become available for the Summit?

We are busy working with sports organisations and individuals in the US to confirm the best possible experiences and speakers for the Summit. We will release details of speakers and experiences as they become confirmed in due course. A full and detailed schedule will be sent to all those travelling before we depart for Atlanta. As communicated, the Summit will contain a mix of guest speakers, learning opportunities, networking opportunities, live sport and behind the scenes access.

I am an alumni/online student living in Atlanta – can I attend the event?

Yes. Please contact global@ucfb.com after completing the booking form to discuss this.

How much spending money will I need and what will I need money for whilst in the US?

Attendees will need money for food, drink, city activities, and general spending. Atlanta is a vibrant city with a huge variety of options, however spending budgets depend on the individual.

What will happen on day one of the Summit? How will I know where to go?

UCFB will have a team in place on the ground in Atlanta to assist with inbound Summit attendees. Once you have booked your place at the Summit and booked your travel, UCFB will request your travel plans so that we can assist you with logistics on Day one when you arrive.

Will I need a visa to go to the Summit? Who is responsible for arranging this?

Summit attendees are responsible for ensuring they can travel to the US and to any countries in which they stop at as part of their journey to and from the Summit, along with any visa costs.

British nationals need to get a visa or an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) visa waiver to enter or transit the USA as a visitor. It costs 14 dollars to apply. 

If you do not qualify for entry under the ESTA, you’ll need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Further information on US immigration rules is available from the UK Government website https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/usa/entry-requirements and USA Customs and Border Protection website.   

Summit attendees have full responsibility their entry requirements. If you are an international student or alumni, please contact your relevant embassy or government website to check your travel permissions and any steps you need to take to gain access to the US.

UCFB encourages all attendees to check their travel permissions and make their visa arrangements well in advance of the Summit in case of any visa processing delays.

Will I require travel insurance to attend the Atlanta Sports Summit?

Students are required to arrange their own travel insurance for this trip.

GIS global hubs

New York’s Red Bull Arena, Atlanta’s brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Toronto FC’s BMO Field and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) play host to the Global Institute of Sport hubs, enabling students and graduates to enhance their knowledge and expertise of the international sports industry.

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