UCFB global study hubs FAQs
What are UCFB’s global study hubs?

UCFB’s global study hubs will provide current students and alumni the opportunity to attend global summits, based at some of the world’s leading stadiums. UCFB’s global study hubs are at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, USA, New York Red Bull Arena in New York, USA, Toronto FC in Toronto, Canada and MCG in Melbourne, Australia.

UCFB has exclusive partnerships with these stadiums, providing a unique global network for students and alumni.

What are UCFB’s Global Summits?

UCFB’s global study hubs will each host one Global Summit at each hub in the 2019/20 academic year, providing attendees with up to a week-long schedule of industry insight, professional development and networking opportunities. They will feature guests from renowned sporting organisations, locally tailored to each global study hub, allowing attendees to learn best practice and understand how sport is managed within each country. Each Global Summit will provide guests grouped into three categories: from the boardroom, from the industry and from the pitch, allowing students and alumni the opportunity to truly understand all aspects of sport.

Click here to view the UCFB Global Summit calendar for the 2019/20 academic year.

How much does it cost to go to a UCFB Global Summit?

The cost of each UCFB Global Summit will be free to all UCFB students and alumni, however all attendees will be responsible for paying travel, accommodation and sustenance. UCFB is partnering with travel and accommodation providers to try to make Global Summits as affordable as possible for students and alumni.

Whilst firm dates are not yet confirmed for each 2020 UCFB Global Summit, the indicative cost for travel from the UK to any of our global study hubs and accommodation would be £800-£1,500. Students and alumni will be contacted via email and social media as soon as confirmed global summit dates and travel package options are released later this summer.

To ensure that you are on our global study hubs mailing list, express your interest here:

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I want to visit a Global Hub but can’t afford to pay for travel and accommodation. What options do I have?

UCFB believes strongly in the benefits of students and alumni attending UCFB Global Summit, however we recognise that this comes at a cost to the individual. As a result, we have developed UCFB’s Global Insight Series, a portal of content regularly updated, featuring thought leadership, Q&As and career advice from UK campus guest speakers as well as from all of our global study hub partners. Additionally, if you are a current on-campus UCFB student, you may have the opportunity to be a Global Study Hub Ambassador, where UCFB will help subsidise your trip. More information on how to become a Global Study Hub ambassador will be made available very soon. The UCFB Global Insight Series will be launched in September 2019.

I’m an online student, can I still visit a UCFB global study hub?

Yes! All current students and alumni will be able to attend a Global Summit at a UCFB global study hub.

Can you attend a Global Summit if you are not a current UCFB student or alumnus?

No. Places are only available for current UCFB students studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, as well as all UCFB alumni.

Can I attend more than one Global Summit?

Yes! Places are limited at every Summit, however there is nothing stopping you applying to attend more than one event.

Can I visit a UCFB global study hub at any time of the year?

For the moment, UCFB’s global study hubs will only be accessible during the Global Summit of that city. In time, UCFB may look to increase accessibility through more educational events.

Do I need a visa to travel to a UCFB global study hub, if I am not from that country?

Depending on your nationality and current residence, you may require a visa to visit one of UCFB’s global study hubs. To learn more about what visa you may need, please contact international@ucfb.com.

What are the benefits of visiting a global study hub?

Visiting a Global Summit at one of UCFB’s global study hubs will allow you to grasp a true understanding of how different sports are managed around the world by hearing first-hand from leading sports organisations, which will be locally tailored to each global study hub location.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to further develop professional skills and gain a cultural awareness of another part of the world. International educational experiences have been shown to boost student prospects across a variety of areas, particularly:

  • Increased average earnings.
  • Increased employment rate.
  • Increased overall grades.
Do UCFB global study hubs provide any other benefits?

In addition to all benefits listed for those visiting a UCFB global study hub, there is still a host of benefits that will arise from UCFB’s international expansion, including:

  • Thought leadership from our global study hub partners, accessible through UCFB’s Global Insight Series and the content hub of the UCFB website.
  • Increased work experience and employment opportunities for current students and alumni, through increased international employer engagement.
  • A more global alumni network.
Global Summits

From the 2019/20 academic year, each UCFB global study hub will host an annual Global Summit, bringing together UCFB students, alumni and leading sports industry professionals in some of the most advanced sports and entertainment venues in the world.

Global summits