Media Officer Rohan Shukla

Passionate, maybe a little eccentric but determined to not only work but also make everyone in the team always have a big smile on their face. My love for football brought me to do another masters here at UCFB with the sole aim to work in with Football clubs one day. I am deeply passionate about the Media and Communications department which is why I went all out in the elections to get the votes for the Media Officer position. Hope this year, I am able to contribute towards creating a unique experience here at UCFB.

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Rohan Shukla
Athletic Union Officer MoZiah Selassie

I am a young Bermudian born in Shashamene, Ethiopia. I have represented Bermuda internationally in both tennis and football competitions. I have lived in the UK for 9 years now, spending 7 in Nottingham and 2 in Manchester. As a student and Manchester United fan, moving to Manchester was the best decision that I made, enjoying the university and social life while attending matches such as Manchester United's 2-1 win over Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in 2019.

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Etihad Students’ Union Joshua Morgan

Aspiring student hoping to have a successful career in the world of sport, journalism and social media. In my fourth year at UCFB, hoping to make a real change to student’s life. Huge football fan, specifically Derby County.

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Joshua Morgan