UCFB prides itself on the highly employable students that graduate from the institution each year.

As well as unique seminars and teaching, plus world-class networking and work experience opportunities, students have access to year-round employability services by internal and external partners.

The services, which include expert employability advice, how to pitch in the boardroom, vital advice on constructing the perfect CV and giving flawless interviews, is part of a dedicated service to ensure that UCFB students graduate with the greatest possibility of success within the sports industry.

UCFB has partnered with the following companies to deliver these necessary programmes:

At UCFB 90% of graduates are in full-time employment with nearly two-thirds working in the football and sports industry – both figures far exceeding industry standards.

We’re delighted to be working closely with so many recruitment specialist partners, and to be able to offer our students even more opportunities to enhance their employability credentials. Their expertise, coupled with UCFB’s resources, means students will be industry-ready to secure their dream job in the football and sports industry and be prepared for a highly challenging and rewarding future.

Simon FitzjohnUCFB industry partnerships manager
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