The Employability & Career Planning (ECP) Team at UCFB are here to support you on the road to employment, empowering you to build on your personal and professional profile, in order to kick start your career – Enhance your CV and stand out to potential employers by completing the UCFB Employability Award!

What is the UCFB Employability Award?

The UCFB Employability Award is a supplementary achievement award supporting your career and personal development, by officially recognising the extra-curricular activities you take part in whilst at UCFB. It is designed to help you gain experience, confidence, and skills, whilst developing your professional character and exploring different career options.

Why should I take part in the Employability Award?

Now, more than ever, employers are looking for more than a degree. Recruiters value individuals who have invested in their personal and professional development and have gained experience through skills-based learning, and work experience.

The UCFB Employability Award sets out to evidence a variety of work-based competencies that you will need when starting out on your career, in whatever industry that may be.


You will need to complete a range of ECP activities and events to achieve the award.

  1. Attend a minimum of 3 Premier Events, including one Level 6 specific event (e.g., Future Leaders Conference / Graduate Careers Event)
  2. Engage in a minimum of 3 extra-curricular programmes (e.g. ASA Level 1, ASA Level 2, Sign Language Lessons, Entrepreneur Programme etc.)
  3. Attend at least 3 employability-related workshops (e.g. CV workshop, networking workshop etc.)
  4. Attend 3 1:1 consultations with an ECP Advisor*
  5. Evidence that you have done 30 hours of work experience before Level 6**

*At least 1 of these must be completed in level 6 (Undergraduate)

** Current Level 6 students in 2023/24 can complete work experience this year or produce evidence of work experience already completed. Please note work experience not organised through the ECP Team will need be verified with the employer.

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