Course overview

Frameworks - Examines sport and event projects from a variety of angles before exploring what makes projects unique, how they live and breathe, and their relationship to the ongoing operations of a sporting organisation.

Stakeholders - Asks (and answers): who are the stakeholders typical to most projects; how can they be classified and prioritised; and when and how should they be engaged?

Choosing Projects - A sport project doesn’t start with a plan; as with all innovations, a sport project starts with an idea. Alternatives analysis is the process of taking that idea and testing it under stress to answer a range of questions.

Communication - Introduction to the generic skills of writing a report and making formal presentations. Such skills are essential for every sport project manager to master, as they are equally relevant to the types of activities expected of you in the planning, delivery and closing stages of a project.

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Course delivery

The course will be delivered online.

Course leader - A course leader for the course it still to be confirmed.

Course Outcomes

On completion (and within 12 months) students will be eligible to upgrade from Foundations in
Project Management for Sport and Events to fully certified Project Management for Sport and
Events for an agreed fee.

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered online.


Course cost
£1000 per course
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