Course overview

See what substantial role understanding of the brain can play in how employees work with people. Delegates will learn how knowledge of the brain in the business environment is an important and fundamental part of creating the context for success, driving employee engagement and enhancing performance.

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Course delivery

Face to face, interactive style drawing on delegates’ personal and professional experience.

Course leader VSI Executive Education

VSI are a group of people who focus on smart thinking. As global sport continues to grow at a furious pace, organisations, strategies and the people involved have to adapt and change to harness opportunities arising. Committed to exploring leading edge sports management and development practices, we aim to maximise human endeavour both on and off the field.

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VSI Executive Education

Course outcomes

Delegates will leave with the skills to:

  • Equip the team with the tools and knowledge to assess and manage their performance state. To understand and plan ahead recognizing points of stress, high workload and potential team flash points.
  • Identify, through thorough understanding of the need to exercise and rest the brain appropriately, the coping mechanisms required to minimise the ‘threat response’ of the brain.
  • Recognize in them and others the need to make contingencies, discuss, plan and promote the correct level of stress to drive performance and manage conflict.
  • Understand and practice the techniques of exercising the mind just like a highly tuned athlete to enhance performance taking a holistic approach to mental, physical and emotional management.
  • Embed the techniques and framework in everyday practice by understanding how to harness pressure, manage your physical, emotional and mental state and function across these three spheres of spaced learning.
  • Demonstrate progression in mental toughness, Emotional Control and Growth Mindset

Delivery method

Face to face, interactive style drawing on delegates’ personal and professional experience.

Start date


Course duration

3 days.


Course cost
£1000 per course
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