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Course overview

Developed and delivered in conjunction with football’s equality and inclusion organisation, Kick It Out, The Inclusive Leadership in Football Award is a self-paced, online learning course that introduces learners to a range of issues related to equality, diversity, and inclusion in football.

Designed for existing and aspiring leaders across a range of football contexts, this six-module course introduces learners to the relationship between football and society, core concepts associated with equality, diversity, and inclusion, law and policy in the context of EDI, the problematic nature of words and behaviour, and the power of change. Based around a series of micro-lectures, tasks, and quizzes, the course gives learners the opportunity to apply their understanding in a final, tutor-assessed project.

With an alumni-base that includes, among others, learners from the Football Association, Premier League, Professional Footballers’ Association, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Everton FC, Chelsea FC, Southampton FC, West Ham United FC, The Inclusive Leadership in Football Award has become an important tool in supporting the game’s stakeholders to take their equality responsibilities seriously.

This online course is self-paced and will take between 20-30 hours to complete. Once registered, students have 3-months to complete the course.

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I have all this new-found knowledge; I’m ready to put it into action, so I can do my bit to make the football industry a more inclusive place for all.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Championship club


The following modules are included in this course:

Football and Society

In this module you’ll learn about the relationships between football and race, sex and gender, sexual identity, disability and religion, and the challenges that these characteristics can present for members of minority groups.

Core Concepts

In this module you’ll learn about the core concepts of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and what they mean for organisations in practice.

Law and Policy

In this module you’ll be introduced to the different types of law that are used to deal with hate and discrimination, The Equality Act (2010), and the nine protected characteristics.

Words and Behaviours

In this module you’ll learn about the important role that language and vocabulary plays in the workplace and the effects that poor use of language and associated behaviours can have on others.

Leading Change in EDI

In this module you’ll consider how leaders might understand change, how they might plan for changes to their working practices and, crucially, how they might implement those changes to improve a certain aspect of their provision in the context of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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The course has encouraged me to reflect personally on how I can support colleagues and drive positive change in my organisation, in the pursuit of a more inclusive grassroots football environment.

County FA development officer

Course Outcomes

Designed for existing and aspiring leaders across a range of football contexts, by the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Identify the ways in which race, sex, sexual identity, disability, and religion might influence access to, and experience of, football in a range of contexts.
  • Define the concepts of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and apply them to a range of football-related scenarios.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the law and policy as it relates to equality, diversity, and inclusion within football.

  • Recognise the role that language and behaviour play in the context of equality, diversity, and inclusion in a range of football-related settings.

  • Demonstrate leadership skills in applying knowledge and understanding developed during the course to propose a strategy that could contribute to meaningful change in the context of equality, diversity, and inclusion in football.

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Some of the most insightful and reflective pieces for me included those on positive action and the power of language, including the controversial topic of banter. The discussions and learning taken from this has shaped the way I approach situations and plan for the future both personally and professionally.

Lead co-ordinator for EDI, Premier League club

Course Leaders

The following course leaders will lead on the course's delivery:

Dr Richard Elliott
GIS Academic Leaders Dr Richard Elliott Head of Professional Education at GIS
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Martin Malone
GIS Academic Advisors Martin Malone Education Consultant: Kick It Out
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Course Fee
£395 (Excluding VAT)
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This course has given me the confidence to challenge stereotypical remarks, discriminatory behaviour or just people not being thoughtful in what they say. The course has allowed me to evaluate how inclusive my workplace is and inspired me to change the things I believe need changing through the right channels with the correct guidelines.

Inclusion Programme Manager, Premier League club
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