The University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) is a world first in higher education, delivering university degrees in the football and sports industry at iconic campuses in London and Manchester, which have Wembley and Etihad stadiums at their heart.

Designed to guide you along your path to a fulfilling career in the world’s most exciting industry, UCFB’s bespoke taster activities will enable you to gain an insight into higher education in these unique teaching locations. Tailor made for this thriving sector, you’ll be able to access advice and guidance on beginning your journey into education, careers in football and sport, financial support and more. You’ll also be able to learn more about the incredible UCFB experience in and out of the classroom, including our world class academics and unrivalled network available only to UCFB students.

Learn at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at your own pace with a flexible approach, with degree subjects ranging from marketing to coaching, media to finance and event management to psychology. Our partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names in sport, plus our unique educational experience allows us to deliver on our promise to provide highly qualified, ambitious graduates ready to make an impact in the world of football and sport.

UCFB’s exclusive bespoke offering to players across all levels of the game will include advice and guidance on:

Throughout 2019, exclusive taster sessions will be hosted at UCFB’s state-of-the-art campus facilities at Wembley and Etihad Stadium as well as online.

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UCFB TV advert featuring Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche

Our unique learning model

At the UCFB we pride ourselves on providing students with a stimulating curriculum in a unique environment.

We believe our world first approach to higher education gives our students the best possible chance of a successful career in the football and sports industry. What makes our education experience work so well is down to three key components: what we teach, where we teach and how we teach.

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The UCFB unique learning model
What we teach

"Our degree programmes have been designed with these industries and their varied roles specifically in mind. Media, marketing, finance, psychology, coaching and event management, amongst others, are all sectors of these industries that are growing at a rate never seen before, with new roles being created on a daily basis." - Brendan Flood, UCFB Chairman & Chief Executive

Where we teach

For students who aspire to work within the exciting industries we promote, there can be no more of an inspiring place to learn than at our state-of-the-art campuses, each of which has a stadium at its heart. We like to call this an immersive education – by living and learning around a stadium environment, students are preparing themselves to work in similar surroundings after they graduate, therefore easing the transition from full time education to full time work.

We always tell our students to be prepared, as you never know who you’re going to meet in the lift or café between lectures. The media officer, events coordinator or chief executive next to you in the coffee queue could be the person who offers you vital work experience or a useful phone number for your contacts book.

How we teach

At UCFB we believe there are three necessary requirements for a career in the football and sports industry: a degree, industry contacts and work experience on your CV. Our three-tiered learning model provides all of this.

The first is the classroom experience and learning from our leading team of academics, whose knowledge and experience of these businesses worldwide is vast. Here, students learn the theory through books, research and presentations before then hearing from our industry guest speakers on the intricacies of their profession.

This second layer allows our stellar guest speakers to bring the theory to life, providing first-hand context of these industries from the highest level. The calibre of our guest speakers, which previously has included international managers and players, as well as club chief executives and media personalities, means students are hearing from leading professionals in an intimate environment and gaining unparalleled insight.

Lastly, once our students have learnt the theory and how to apply it, they’re encouraged to go out in the industry and do it themselves. Our incredible Careers Team provides students with numerous opportunities to apply for unique work experience roles in the UK and abroad. In the last six years, UCFB has provided over 1,000 work placement opportunities at organisations including The Football Association, UEFA, Premier League and Football League clubs, as well as an array of sponsors, suppliers and events in the world of sport.

We believe our approach and this combination is the perfect recipe for a student to set themselves up for a long, successful and fulfilling career in these exciting, multi-billion-pound, global industries.

Our campuses

UCFB is a world first in higher education, delivering university degrees in the football and sports industry with campuses in London and Manchester, which have the iconic Wembley and Etihad stadiums at their heart.

UCFB Wembley

UCFB Wembley, London has the iconic Wembley Stadium at the heart of its campus. What could be more motivating for a future career in the sports industry than walking into the most famous stadium in the world? Our UCFB Wembley campus enjoys excellent facilities with lecture theatres, seminar rooms, quiet study areas, library and media suites to name a few.

Just a short walk away from the stadium are our surrounding learning facilities at the Wembley Library and Drum Theatre at the Brent Civic Centre, and Wembley Holiday Inn, Hilton and Novotel Business Centres, with each offering professional surroundings to further your educational experience. UCFB has ensured these facilities maintain a consistent and exceptional learning environment for our students.

UCFB Etihad Campus

UCFB Etihad Campus, Manchester is our state-of-the-art campus devoted to the football industry in the heart of Manchester – one of the world’s most famous footballing cities with a thriving student population.

With the Etihad Stadium at the heart of the campus, students can live, learn and work at the centre of one of Europe’s most progressive football facilities.With impressive on-site facilities available to aid your studies, including stunning lecture theatres and seminar rooms, student social areas and cafeteria, library, media suite and quiet study zones, it is hard not to be inspired by your surroundings.

Your degree

Our range of degree programmes span this multi-billion pound industry and the many career opportunities that exist within it. From media to coaching, marketing to finance, and events management to psychology, these dedicated sports industry programmes will help set students up for a long, successful career in an industry they have a passion for.

UCFB students studying at Manchester Sports Village (Belle Vue)

On campus degrees

From the pitch to the boardroom. UCFB’s unique degrees are designed to prepare students for a career within the global, multi-billion pound world of football and sport.

Undergraduate degrees

At the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) we are dedicated to the delivery of ground-breaking undergraduate degree programmes in the strategic, operational and business facets of the football and sports industry.

Find out more about our undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees

UCFB has developed a profile of pioneering postgraduate qualifications to enable those working within the industry to drive forward their career, and to provide a gateway for those aspiring to pursue their ambitions of working in this exciting global multi-billion pound industry.

Find out more about our postgraduate degrees

Online degrees

UCFB’s choice of online Masters programmes allow students the chance to further their career ambitions and knowledge of the global sports industry from the comfort of their own home. The online model also enables students to fit their studies around an existing daily routine.

Find out more about our online degrees

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UCFB Undergraduate Academies

Our undergraduate academies are tailored for elite level footballers around the UK who wish to continue playing at a high level, while at the same time earning a degree qualification.

UCFB Undergraduate Academy Manchester

UCFB Undergraduate Academy Manchester

At UCFB our elite undergraduate football academy based at our inspiring campus in Manchester is tailored for released footballers from all of the 92 Premier League and Football League clubs in England as well as professional clubs in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Find out more about the UCFB Undergraduate Academy Manchester

Undergraduate Women’s Academy Wembley

Our undergraduate women’s football academy based at our iconic Wembley campus in London is tailored for elite level female footballers across the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the UCFB Undergraduate Women’s Academy Wembley

Career prospects

UCFB offer a number of initiatives for students during their time in higher education to enable them to fulfil their potential and ensure their dream of working in the football and sports industry becomes a reality. From the exclusive Award in Football & Sports Leadership through to learning and living abroad, UCFB students are encouraged from day one to embrace the exciting opportunities made available to them.

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We’re proud that 90% of UCFB graduates are in full-time employment within six months of graduation, with two-thirds of those working in the football and sports industry, with leading organisations such as The Football Association, the Rugby Football League, Manchester United, Opta and EDP Soccer in the USA.

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Frequently asked questions

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However, should you not find your answer then please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.