University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) announced a partnership with Off The Pitch in November 2020, which allows students and staff full access to their club finance comparison tool and website.

Off The Pitch delivers unrivalled football business journalism and insight, powered by a database and state-of-the-art business intelligence tool which will allow UCFB and Global Institute of Sport (GIS) students to compare financial data, and much more, dating back to 2008 from more than 175 clubs.

These tools will give UCFB and GIS students even greater access to the football industry, how its leaders think and behave, and the huge financial numbers behind it.

Commenting on the new partnership, UCFB Governor and GIS President Sharona Friedman said: “Off The Pitch’s club finance tool is an incredible piece of work which can only be of huge benefit to our students and staff, so I’m delighted that Mads and his team have agreed to work with us and offer their services. I urge all of our students to log on and engage with this fantastic database during their studies.”

Off The Pitch CEO and co-founder Mads Meisner Christensen added: “We are thrilled to be able to offer our services to UCFB and GIS students and aid them in their degree studies. Our database is extensive and regularly updated and is the perfect tool for those on the business programmes and anyone who has a keen interest in how the business of football operates. We’re looking forward to working closely with everyone at UCFB and GIS over the coming years.”