More and more individuals in higher education are now considered to be ‘mature students’, typically students who are over the age of 21. Whether it was to travel, work or start a family, if you didn’t start higher education immediately after leaving school you’re not alone.

At UCFB we do not offer special treatment to applicants based on their age, your application to us will be considered purely on your own merits, qualifications and experience and we always aim to make an impartial decision. It’s important to keep in mind however that applicants who have left education and are returning with experience and skills gained in employment may still be considered favourably and offered a place based on their previous background. On occasions, you could be invited to a thorough interview and assessment at one of our UCFB campuses.

Though it might seem daunting for a mature student to return to the classroom following a number of years away, what is often overlooked is your extra life experience and that of the working world with more responsibility. Your experience is a real asset to your studies and should be embraced. Always remember, Higher education and a degree qualification isn’t just for school leavers. If you would like to get further information on applying and being accepted by UCFB, please contact us.

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