I’m delighted that we’ve set up the Graduate Job Programme, and very much look forward to seeing a pool of talented graduates continue their journeys with us at UCFB. By providing relevant training and experience, we hope to build on the knowledge they acquired throughout their degree programmes and apply this to a business context.

Brendan FloodUCFB Chairman & Chief Executive

UCFB are delighted to launch a brand new Graduate Jobs Programme, designed to recruit talented, hard-working graduates who completed their degrees with us, to a specific department in our team.

From Marketing to Events to Finance, graduates will be able to specialise in the sectors that they’re most interested in, and that they’ve gained relevant experience in through their industry-orientated degree programmes.

To ensure we attract a high calibre of graduates to the programme, specific training will also be provided throughout contract, which will involve a range of highly valuable and transferable skills. This includes Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Time Management and introductory Project Management skills.

Successful applicants will also have their very own mentor, to help ensure they’re settling into the role and gaining as much from the programme as possible. Alongside this, they will have access to industry experts from both our Academic Team and Senior Leadership Team, ensuring graduates are fully immersed in UCFB’s tight-knit community and inclusive culture.

The application process this year will begin in June, with a view to hiring successful graduates for January 2023. The application and interview process will take place throughout July and August, with the programme officially starting in January 2023. The scheme is open to all UCFB graduates, regardless of subject, for three years after completing their undergraduate degrees.

Typically, those enrolled on the programme will continue working for the company after the 2-year contract, but there is no obligation to stay at UCFB long-term, and no guarantee of a job when the contract is over. However, opportunities and progress will be discussed with you throughout your contract.

Closing date for applications - 24/8/2022

Click here for a full detailed job description.

Click here for an application form.

All applications should be made to LearningandDevelopment@ucfb.ac.uk

*Please note, this programme is for UCFB & GIS Graduates only, external applicants will be ineligible to participate

**The role will be based at UCFB Etihad Campus

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