The Student Services Team is here to support you across a wide range of areas throughout your studies at UCFB. Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy life at UCFB and feel supported to succeed both academically and personally.

Pastoral and wellbeing

The Student Services Team maintains a friendly and confidential environment where students are encouraged to talk and are listened to when they have a worry or concern.

The staff have expert knowledge in a wide range of areas, from budgeting and pastoral support to knowing how to help you get involved with activities and the student community during your time at UCFB. We can signpost you to a range of external services that you may need during your time at UCFB, including counselling provisions. We offer 1-2-1 pastoral support that is specifically tailored to meet the need of students on an individual basis. Our pastoral team are dedicated to ensuring you have all the support you need to get the most out of your time with UCFB.

The Students’ Union and Athletic Union also come under the umbrella of Student Services. We promote positive health and wellbeing within the UCFB Community through opportunities that enrich the student experience including social events, activities, student representation, societies and active sport.

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Learning support

At UCFB we aim to help you get the most from your experience in an inclusive learning environment.

We provide confidential advice and guidance throughout the application stage and during your studies, offering students support with specific learning difficulties, long standing health conditions, mental health difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and sensory difficulties.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the information you require then please contact us here or call us on 0333 241 7333.

Our Learning Support Team offers information, advice and guidance from application to graduation on a range of areas, including:

  • Support for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA)
  • Reasonable Adjustments (academic and assessment)
  • Support with setting up your Non-Medical Helper support
  • Obtaining up to date supporting evidence
  • Liaison with academic and support departments

Our Learning Support Team supports students in identifying the most appropriate solutions to potential barriers to learning. We provide an individual pastoral service designed to meet your needs.

We are able to offer a range of reasonable adjustments for students who have declared a disability. Reasonable adjustments can also be put in place for those with temporary disabilities which affect your ability to study. i.e. broken bones, following a medical procedure.

If you have a disability or any support requirements, it is essential that you inform us as soon as possible so that we can work on any requirements you may be entitled to. Once you have informed us we will continue to support you with any requirements throughout your studies.

We use a Consent to Share process to ensure that the information we obtain is shared with the right people in order to provide you with reasonable adjustments. You will be asked to sign the Consent to Share document in your first week at UCFB, however if you would like more information about this ahead of your enrolment, please contact our Learning Support Team.

If required, the information in our web pages can be provided in alternative formats.

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Library support

Our Library and Information Service is committed to providing access to relevant and pertinent resources to support you during your studies at UCFB.

A copy of all your core texts can be found in the Library along with our specially curated collection, which is aimed to help widen your knowledge and support your academic coursework. You will also have access to an extensive range of online resources.

The Library team can support you with academic skills such as academic referencing and searching for journals online. They work closely with the Academic team to ensure that all materials are up to date, relevant and accessible.

Your alumni services

Here at UCFB we offer the students the chance to gain valuable advice and guidance directly from those who have already experienced life as a UCFB student.

Find out more about your alumni services.

UCFB library and information service

The library service offers a comprehensive range of resources to support your studies at UCFB, including textbooks, journals, and wide selection of online subscriptions.

UCFB library and information service