At the UCFB, we provide a seamless pathway for students to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study, enabling you to continue your educational journey and expand your knowledge in the exciting field of sports. Our postgraduate courses are designed to build upon the foundation laid during your undergraduate studies and take your skills and expertise to the next level.

UCFB Postgraduate degrees

MSc Football Business

Football is a global, multi-billion-pound business that shows no sign of slowing down. Bumper TV deals and huge transfer fees means more money than ever is flowing through the game, ensuring it’s vital that there are personnel ready to jump straight in and shape its future.

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MSc Football Coaching & Analysis

More than ever football is driven by statistics and analysis. Whether it's assessing a player's physical condition or evaluating their in-game skills, numbers wield significant influence in today's game.

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MSc Football Communications & Digital Marketing

The evolution of media consumption among football and sports enthusiasts has required content creators and marketers to adapt, evolve, and sometimes even integrate their roles.

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MSc International Sport Management

From Asia to Europe and to America, sport is a global phenomenon and supporters, participants and owners all play their part. Sharing the stage with the world’s most elite institutions, this degree ranked 23rd in the world in the prestigious SportBusiness Postgraduate Rankings. It also ranked 1st in Average Salary.

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MSc Performance Analysis in Football

The importance of performance analysis in football is greater than ever. Whether it involves evaluating the opposition, assessing potential transfer targets, or reviewing last weekend's match, analysing performances and data can make the difference between success and failure.

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Why choose Postgraduate Study?

At UCFB 98% of graduates are either employed or in full-time study, with 67% working or studying in sport! Here are the top reasons why you should choose UCFB postgraduate as your pathway to success:

UCFB Alumni Discount
UCFB Alumni

If you’d like to extend your time with us, we’re pleased to offer all UCFB graduates:

Unparalleled Industry Expertise & Learning

UCFB boasts a team of world-class instructors and professors, coaches, and industry professionals who bring their extensive experience and expertise to your learning development. You'll have the privilege of learning from the very best in the field, gaining insights and knowledge that will set you apart in the competitive sports industry.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of international sports management, coaching & analytics, football business, marketing, media and more. Whether you're interested in sports management, sports marketing and media, coaching, performance analysis, or player care, our diverse range of courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your chosen area.

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Iconic Campus Locations

Studying with UCFB, provides access our iconic campuses in the London and Manchester for face-to-face networking opportunities with faculty, students, alumni and partners from the sports industry. Our campuses are designed to inspire, enhance learning experience, and provide access directly to the sports and football industries!

Sports Industry Connections

We understand the importance of networking and industry connections in launching a successful career. Through our extensive network of sports organisations, professional teams, and industry partners, we offer exclusive internship and placement opportunities for our students. You'll have the chance to work alongside seasoned professionals, gaining invaluable practical experience and forging connections that can open doors to future employment.

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UCFB Ranks Global Top 25 Sports Master’s Degrees

UCFB is ranked in the prestigious SportsBusiness Magazine’s Global Top 25 Postgraduate Programmes, sharing the stage with the world’s most elite institutions.

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What is the difference between Postgraduate study to Undergraduate study?

Postgraduate study typically involves more specialised and advanced study in a particular field of interest. While undergraduate studies provide a broad foundation of knowledge, postgraduate studies allow students to delve deeper into their chosen subject, gain expertise, and develop advanced skills. Here are some key benefits of pursuing postgraduate study.

Advanced Research Methods & Independent Study

Postgraduate courses often involve rigorous research and independent study. Students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research, contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Professional Project

Many postgraduate course at UCFB include a professional project component, which allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. This experience enhances practical skills and can be valuable when entering the job market.


Postgraduate study allows students to specialize further in their chosen subject. Whether it's a specific area of a discipline or an interdisciplinary approach, this specialization can make graduates highly sought after in their field.

Career Advancement

Possessing a postgraduate degree can make you stand out in the job market. As the percentage of individuals with postgraduate qualifications is relatively low - just 1.3% of the total population in the UK hold a postgraduate degree. Having this advanced degree can give you a competitive edge and potentially open up higher-level career opportunities.

Expand your network

Postgraduate studies offer opportunities to connect with fellow students, academics, and professionals in your field. Building a strong network can lead to collaborations, job referrals, and other valuable career connections. At UCFB, we provide an elite network of sports industry professionals for you to network, interact and learn from.

Job Prospects and Increased Earnings

In many industries, a postgraduate degree can lead to better job prospects and increased earning potential. Some positions may require a postgraduate qualification for eligibility, while others may offer higher salary levels to candidates with advanced degrees.

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Why should I study a Postgraduate Degree?

Are you seeking to enhance your education and reach new heights in the sports industry? Will pursuing further education help you achieve your desired outcomes? Making the decision to invest in a master's degree requires careful consideration, taking into account both the financial and time commitments involved.

Unlike your undergraduate studies, at the postgraduate level, you have the freedom to explore various universities and courses throughout the year, allowing you to make multiple applications without the pressure of immediate decisions. At UCFB we support individuals who strive to expand their knowledge and skills. We have witnessed the profound positive impact that postgraduate studies have had on our students and their professional journeys.

Kick off your career with a UCFB Postgraduate Scholarship

UCFB is proud to offer an extensive suite of scholarships to support outstanding students as they embark on their postgraduate study. Apply today and Kick off your career with UCFB!

Postgraduate scholarships and bursaries

UCFB Alumni Discount, Fees & Funding

At UCFB, we understand funding a postgraduate degree can be a difficult decision to make. As part of studying with us, we have provided a comprehensive guide to funding your degree, alongside the opportunities available to you to support your journey and enhance your career in the world's most exciting industry.

UCFB Alumni Discount

UCFB students and alumni receive a 15% tuition fee discount on all UCFB Postgraduate Degree courses.

Fees & Funding Opportunities

Applying for a postgraduate degree requires consideration on fees and funding through the process. To learn more about UCFB fees, funding and financial options available for you, click here.

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