The Board of Directors is the governing body of the University Campus of Football Business Limited. The board makes major decisions and sets the strategic objectives of the company. The board oversees the work of the Executive Leadership Team, Senior Management Team and Academic Board to ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives and the maintenance of academic standards.

More information on the Board of Directors and the governance of the University Campus of Football Business Limited can be found in the Standing Orders of the Board of Directors

Brendan Flood
Our Board of Directors Brendan Flood Chairman, Chief Executive, Director and Shareholder
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Sharona Friedman
Our Board of Directors Sharona Friedman GIS President
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John Davies
Our Board of Directors John Davies Chief Operating Officer of UCFB
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Professor Martyn Jones
Our Board of Directors Professor Martyn Jones Director General of UCFB
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Dr. Steven Quigley
Our Board of Directors Dr. Steven Quigley Independent Non-Executive Director
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