Our people

UCFB Executive Board

The UCFB Executive Board is made up of hugely experienced and knowledgeable minds from the world of professional sport and business.

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Executive Strategic Board

The Executive Strategic Board manages all daily operations at UCFB and helps to ensure that UCFB and the degree programmes on offer at our campuses remain relevant in an ever changing industry landscape, overseeing all departments to ensure a collaborative approach at UCFB.

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Our Academic team

The UCFB Academic Team is led by a number of experienced professionals from academia and the sports industry. Leading individuals from their respected fields, this Academic Leadership Team provides expert guidance for all UCFB students and ensures a fulfilling learning environment.

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Our Student Services team

The Student Services Team is here to support you across a wide range of areas throughout your studies at UCFB. Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy life at UCFB and feel supported to succeed both academically and personally.

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Our Future Students team

Our dedicated team are available anywhere in the UK to provide personal support for you or your school. We also have a dedicated international team to support prospective students from across the globe.

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Our Employability & Enrichment team

At UCFB we bridge the gap between education and business, allowing a unique approach to education.We provide two curricula; the academic curriculum which encompasses exams and coursework and the Employability & Enrichment programme – a three year journey of professional and personal development.…

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Our Employability & Enrichment panel

This panel draws on the vast experience of a range of highly respected industry professionals in order to enable students to gain employment in the football and wider sports industry.

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