At University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) we pride ourselves on the employability of our industry-ready graduates and the success they go on to enjoy in their chosen careers. Our graduates work in the Premier League, at governing bodies and community clubs around the world, utilising their knowledge and skills across the hundreds of roles available within the football and sports industry.

Our alumni

Here, just some of UCFB's alumni share stories of their success in the world of football and sport...

Mackenzie Cadman
UCFB alumni Mackenzie Cadman UK Operations Manager at Jacksonville Jaguars
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Paras Panesar
UCFB alumni Paras Panesar Events Assistant at the Football Association (FA)
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Will Hobson
UCFB alumni Will Hobson Assistant Producer at BBC Sport
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Ben Leanse
UCFB alumni Ben Leanse Premium Services Executive at Brentford FC
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Lino Altieri
UCFB alumni Lino Altieri UCFB graduate and Events & Engagement Executive at Leicester City
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Josh Arnold
UCFB alumni Josh Arnold UCFB graduate and Sports Coach at Aldro Prep School for Boys
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Alexander Brown
UCFB alumni Alexander Brown UCFB graduate and Video Producer at The Football Association
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Sean Elderbrant
UCFB alumni Sean Elderbrant UCFB graduate and Digital Media Executive at the Scottish Professional Football League
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Jemma Entwistle
UCFB alumni Jemma Entwistle Graduate and Co-founder of The Coaching Edge
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Ben Friend
UCFB alumni Ben Friend UCFB graduate and Event Manager at The Football Association
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Bastian Hildebrand
UCFB alumni Bastian Hildebrand UCFB graduate and CMO at Tify
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Liam Kiziltan
UCFB alumni Liam Kiziltan Founder & Community Director at EQUIP Coaching
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Lianna Littleton
UCFB alumni Lianna Littleton Radio Presenter at Wembley Stadium
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David Moat
UCFB alumni David Moat UCFB graduate and Women's Marketing & Communications Officer at Arsenal
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Amy O’Connor
UCFB alumni Amy O’Connor UCFB graduate and Sponsorship & Partnership Account Manager at Watford FC
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Aaron Pullen
UCFB alumni Aaron Pullen Content Editor at Mansion Group Limited
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Hayley Reed
UCFB alumni Hayley Reed UCFB graduate and Marketing Executive at Chelsea FC
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Joe Thompson
UCFB alumni Joe Thompson UCFB graduate and Project Coordinator at Beyond 90
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Sam Swanton
UCFB alumni Sam Swanton UCFB graduate and Retail Manager at Wigan Athletic
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Saad Wadia
UCFB alumni Saad Wadia UCFB graduate and Co-Founder and Director of Avalon Sports Group
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