SU COVID-19 Update
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and resulting restrictions, physical social activities will not be taking place this academic year. We will continue to follow government advice on how to proceed so please continue to keep an eye out for any updates or changes.
However, we provide various online activities, tips, information and more via our social media accounts. Make sure you are following both the Student Experience and Students’ Union accounts to get involved!

The Students’ Union’s role is to represent UCFB students and make your time here as exciting and rewarding as possible. The SU is also responsible for student involvement around each campus, such as planning unforgettable social events and being the student voice and point of contact with senior management.

Each member of the SU is elected to their post and take great pride in their role at UCFB. The SU is in charge of organising the always incredible annual Freshers’ Week at the start of each academic year. The week long party is a great opportunity for new students to meet and includes live music, a trip to a football match and fun games around London and Manchester – depending on your campus – to get to the know the area.

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During your time at UCFB, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a number of fun and unique trips that will live long in the memory. Previous trips have included a day at Cheltenham Races, boat parties and exclusive nightclub events.

We meet on a Tuesday and discuss issues that students present to us and try to resolve these to make student life here at UCFB more enjoyable. My goal is that every single person at this campus knows at least one person on the executive council.

Matthew GherardiUCFB Etihad Campus SU President

Our aim as the Students’ Union is to make every single student at UCFB feel included and make a place where everyone feels welcome and their voices are heard. With a strong student executive team to cover all aspects of UCFB life, it allows students to feel involved and know that they can talk to anyone in the team.

Nicole CoxUCFB Wembley Campus SU President
UCFB Wembley Societies
  • Psychology Society
  • WWE Society
  • German Society
  • Sports Law Society
  • AU Sports Media Society
  • American Football Society
  • American Sports Society
  • African Caribbean Society
  • E-Sports Society
  • Futsal Society
UCFB Etihad Campus Societies
  • Football and Futsal Society
  • International students Society
  • Tennis Society
  • Golf Society
  • Debate Society
  • Christian Society
  • Snow Sports Society
  • Athletic Union Sports Media Society
Student life news
UCFB Wembley Athletic Union

The UCFB Wembley Athletic Union enables students to participate in a range of sports including football, darts, basketball, rugby and netball in both a competitive and recreational context.

UCFB Wembley Athletic Union
UCFB Etihad Campus Athletic Union

The UCFB Etihad Campus Athletic Union enables students to participate in a range of sports including football, golf, futsal and darts in both a competitive and recreational context.

UCFB Etihad Campus Athletic Union