Head of Academics at UCFB Wembley

Nick is recognised as an expert in football marketing, having worked closely with the marketing departments of Boca Juniors, Estudiantes de la Plata and Racing in Argentina, and has previously lectured in a number of leading universities in South America, conducting his lectures in Spanish.

He has co-authored a global edition of a leading Event Management textbook. Nick helped to set up the Charlton Athletic United States Soccer Academy (CAUSSA) and has worked on several projects with the leading sports charity Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

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Area of expertise
  • Sport marketing;
  • Market research;
  • Event management.
Teaching & research interests
  • Sport and corporate social responsibility;
  • International sports marketing.
Accreditation & memberships
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing.
  • PhD;
  • MA;
  • BA (Hons);
  • DipM;
  • CertEd(FE).
Publications & research
  • Bladen, C, Wilde, N, Kennell, J, and Abson E, (2017) Events Management, An Introduction, Routledge – Global edition – 2nd edition;
  • Holden P.R and Wilde N, (2011), Marketing and PR on a Shoestring (2nd edition), A& C Black, London – print run 5000 copies;
  • Wilde, N and Holden P.R. (2010), The Football Replica Shirt as a Major Contributor to Brand Value in the Global Football Marker, IMT Ghaziabad University, India;
  • Wilde, N and Holden, P.R, (2009), Local or global phenomenon: Segmenting the football replica shirt market in Argentina, Spain and England: An update of findings from an international comparative study of football fans, presented at Academy of Marketing, July 2009;
  • Wilde, N and Holden P.R, (2008) Exploited or Soccer-Mad?: Fans’ Attitudes to the Marketing of Replica Shirts. Early Findings from an International Comparative Survey, presented at Academy of Marketing, July 2008. Awarded Best Paper in Sports Marketing Category;
  • Holden P.R and Wilde N, (2007), Marketing and PR on a Shoestring, A & C Black, London, print run 3000 copies;
  • Wilde, N, (2004) Fashion accessory, social identity or tribal uniform? Exploring research into the reasons why football consumers purchase replica football kits, in Spain and England. Published in Economics, Management and Optimization in Sports, Butenko, S. et al., Springer Verlag, New York;
  • Wilde, N, and Dennington, A (2004) The impact of football on at risk adolescent’s health, education and social responsibilities: A study of Charlton Athletic’s involvement in the Positive Futures project. European Football Conference, University of Central Lancs, Preston.;
  • Wilde N and Holden, P.R, (2004) Defense or Attack? Can Soccer Clubs help tackle social exclusion? ISTR 6th International Conference, Toronto, Canada;
  • Wilde, N, (2003) World Sport Congress 2003, Barcelona. Fashion accessory, social identity or tribal uniform? Exploratory research into the reasons why consumers purchase replica football kits in England and Spain;
  • Wilde, N, (1998) Customers and Markets Workbook – Certificate in Professional Management of Sport, includes video series produced to support the course, which was also shown on Sky Sports.
Expertise in industry

Nick is recognised as an expert in international sports marketing and event management, and is a visiting professor at the Real Madrid Graduate School, Universidad Europea.

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