Danny has a BSc (HONS) in Sport and Exercise Science from Canterbury Christ Church University, graduating in 2010. In 2017, Danny went back to university to undertake an MSc in Finance and Management at the University of Kent. In 2021, Danny decided to undertake a PhD at the Institute for Sport Business, Loughborough University London with a thesis titled "How to value a football player? Market Valuation Methodology”. His research has developed a new methodology to provide a value for every professional football player. Danny has delivered his research to international audiences and is due to publish articles this year. He expects to complete his PhD in 2024.

Danny has also spent a decade working in professional football as an opposition and player analyst. Through mainly live and some video scouting, Danny has worked in the Premier League, Football League, Non-League and conducted both national and international work. Alongside this, Danny has over 18 years coaching experience, mainly working in non-league development football. Danny has a keen interest in business and spent over 13 years running his own small businesses and is well adept in the processes of operating a business. During lockdown he wrote “Your Money Your Future”, a book designed to help young people make better saving and investment decisions.

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Area of expertise
  • Sport Economics and Finance
  • Valuations in Sport
  • Data Analytics
  • Quantitative Research Methods
Teaching & research interests
  • Valuations in Sport.
  • Valuations of illiquid assets.
  • Economics of Sport (Labour Market, Competitive Balance, Uncertainty of Outcome).
  • Finance and Sport (Bridging traditional Finance Theory with Sport).
  • BSc (HONS) Sport Science
  • MSc Finance and Management
  • PhD Sport Business (Ongoing)
  • Football Industry Qualifications (Coaching, Talent ID)
Expertise in industry
  • 10+ years Opposition and Player Analyst.
  • 18 years coaching non-league development football.
  • 13 years small business owner.
  • Consulting in the football industry (Data Analytics, Conceptual Modelling, Applied Modelling).
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