One of UCFB’s coaching students is gaining quality sports industry experience as a performance analyst at the English Colleges Football Association.

Daniel Prior, who studies BA (Hons) Football Coaching and Management at UCFB Wembley, has been talking to us about his new position at the association.

Speaking about his role, Daniel said: “I am currently working at the English Colleges Football Association as a performance analyst for both the men's and women's team.

“Each season, a squad of 20 players are selected across the country from colleges to represent England at college level.

“Across the season, each team will play several games against academies, including a training camp at St George’s Park in preparation for an international tournament in Italy.

“My role is to record matches for various clips and presentations to be compiled to be able to prepare players for the next game.

“In Italy, we will do a pre- and post-match meeting, compiling our own clips as well as our opposition clips, all in preparation for the next game.”

He added, talking about his time studying so far: “Being at UCFB has been a massive learning experience, not only learning about coaching and various skills that I need, but the ability to apply them into the real world.

“By being at UCFB, the opportunities that they have provided me with, including placements, guest speakers and events, have all massively improved my skills and knowledge in the world of football.

“Being a student at UCFB has been a massive learning opportunity for myself, constantly interacting and learning from highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals.”

He finished: “UCFB offer amazing work experience and placements, regardless of what course you are studying.

“These placements not only provide the real-life experience and skills needed for when you leave university, but also provide the opportunity to network and interact with other people. These placements are invaluable.”

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