As part of our research series, we're showcasing some of the research projects produced by both UCFB students and staff members.

For his third-year research project, BA (Hons) Football Business & Media graduate Michael Constanti conducted an investigation to try and define the relationship that EPL football fans have between FPL involvement and
traditional football team loyalty.

The project's conclusion can be viewed in full below: 

  • The present study has significantly extended the prior knowledge on the heavily dominated US phenomenon of fantasy sport, and it has built a foundation for FPL fandom in the UK.
  • There is clear evidence to suggest that participants possess high loyalty towards theirsupported club due to their FPL motives and identification.
  • The findings also reveal some division of loyalty based on participants' willingness to include players from a rival team in their FPL team. Thus, FPL can be enhanced to accommodate players who possess higher loyalty towards their club.

Click here to view Michael's full research poster.