Fresh out of graduating from GIS’ MSc International Sport Management programme, Ben Charles secured his dream role at the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). Here, he shares what he gets up to and how GIS helped him get there…

Tell us about your role as Park Facility Project Administrator at the LTA and what it involves.

I am very grateful that I landed my first role at the LTA after finishing my Master’s degree, which is one of the biggest National Governing Bodies of sport in the UK. I work in the Investment Delivery Team to help deliver the LTA Parks Investment Strategy.

I play a key role in providing the administration function required to deliver the renovation of projects, which will improve the park landscape and playing experience for tennis players in England, Scotland and Wales.

What is your favourite thing about working in sport?

My favourite thing is that you are working with people who all share the same passion as you do.

What have you taken into the role from your MSc International Sport Management programme?

The importance of being able to collaborate effectively in a team and working towards tight deadlines. During my Master’s, I had to work on multiple assignments and seminar work at the same time, and this has helped me in my role when working on multiple projects at once.

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Your undergraduate degree was in Business and Financial Management. What inspired you to shift to a career in sport?

I have a passion for sport and this has come from watching and playing sport all my life. I always had an interest in the business world, so I thought I would bring sport and business together, which prompted me to start my Master’s at UCFB.

What did you choose to focus on in your Master’s thesis?

I focused on the impact of foreign investment in the English Premier League, and how it’s had an impact on clubs’ sporting and financial performance.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at GIS?

My favourite memories include attending some fantastic guest speaker talks, hearing their experiences working in the sports industry. My favourite one was listening to Brandon Ruth who is the Director of Operations at the NFL team Atlanta Falcons.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to study at GIS?

It is the perfect place to study if you want a career in sport, due to the fantastic networking opportunities available to you. You will learn a lot, and this is down to the inspiring lecturers they have at GIS. You will also learn the importance of networking and how to create great relationships with your peers. I can’t recommend it highly enough, if you have a passion for sport and want to work in the industry.