A managing director at a sports organisation has been talking about the great use one of GIS’ courses has been to him and his career.

Chris Millard is group managing director of Emprise Group Ltd, which manages brands such as Barmy Army, England Supporters Club and Joe Root’s Academy.

Chris has been talking about how he got onto the GIS CEO of a Sports Organisation course.

He said: “The VSI CEO management course is teaching us how to be better CEOs and it’s something I’ve found myself come onto.

“I was speaking to friends and contacts who recommended this course to me. I had a really good chat with Tony and Andy, and it inspired me to come and take part in it.

“There’s no time like the present. I enrolled and it’s been incredibly insightful.”

He went on to talk about some of the course’s highlights.

“Chris Brindley, someone I’ve followed professionally,” Chris said, “he delivered a two-day workshop which is a bit of wild moment if you like your business and your professional development.

“Having someone like Chris Brindley giving you two days of his time to teach you all about the things he’s learnt across his professional career is really special.

“The course is seven months long, it’s incredibly exciting thinking about what more we can learn.”

He added: “I would certainly recommend the course to anyone else who’s looking to get a kickstart.

“It’s really refreshing to be in a room with so many like-minded people who, despite our diverse backgrounds and diverse roles in the framework of sport, it’s amazing to see how much shared ambition we’ve got.”

He finished by saying some of his personal aspirations and those of Emprise Group Ltd.

“To be a CEO of a thriving large sports organisation, you need to be hot. I’ve got a lot of development to do in those areas and I look forward to focusing on them and taking them into a future role.

“All primarily based in cricket, while we are looking to do some tours with the barmy army in the coming years in rugby, golf and potentially football

“We’ve got ambitions to grow the business further and wider as the years go by.”

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