As part of our research series, we're showcasing some of the research projects produced by both UCFB students and staff members.

For his third-year research project, BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology graduate Bradley Phillips aimed to further the literature relating to antisocial behaviour and sport and investigate how sport influences young adults in the UK.

Following his research, Bradley drew the following conclusion:

  • The research supplies insight into rates of young adults and antisocial behaviour from urban areas of the United Kingdom.
  • Sport does not impact physical aggression or rule breaking but may have implications for social aggression. Martial artists commit less socially aggressive behaviours than no sport and football groups.
  • Findings imply that group dynamics in team sport are a detriment to social aggression.
  • Levels of experience do not influence rates of antisocial behaviours.

Click here to view Bradley's full research poster.