Sky Sports News presenter Clare Tomlinson has been talking to UCFB about the current and future growth of female involvement in the sports industry.

Clare, who has been at Sky for more than 25 years, said that she ‘can only see opportunities for women getting better’ within the industry.

“Women like sport,” she said. “We do like sport, we probably always have, but now it’s important that we’re embraced.”

Talking about the key factors behind the growth of female involvement in sport, she said: “It’s the determination of the ones who wanted to be in it.

“Once girls can see role models on the screen, they realise that that is a path they can take and it’s a path that’s taken seriously, then it’s only going to grow as people realise that’s an opportunity they can have.”

She added: “I can only see opportunities for women getting better, but being a woman’s not enough. You’ve got to know your stuff just as much as the boys do.

“But if you’re willing to work hard and be determined, then I don’t see that there are any limits on what you can achieve as a woman.”

When asked about the sports industry-related degree courses on offer at UCFB, Clare said: “When I was at university, it was all academic subjects, there were no vocational courses like there are here.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to realise specialise in something you’re very interested in.

“Delve in that deeply and get a really good grounding rather than spend three years studying something that you’re not really that bothered about.”

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