UCFB and its Global Institute of Sport is proud to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Today (February 7, 2024) marks the 38th annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day, encouraging and inspiring women to get involved and active within the sports industry.

The day, which has been held in the first week of each February since 1987, celebrates female achievement within sport over the last year, as well as supports its continued progression.

Students of UCFB and GIS have been treated to many incredible female guest speakers from across the sports industry, offering advice to our students and their views on the growth of female involvement across the sports industry.

Clare Tomlinson: “I can only see opportunities for women getting better, but being a woman’s not enough. You’ve got to know your stuff just as much as the boys do.

“But if you’re willing to work hard and be determined, then I don’t see that there are any limits on what you can achieve as a woman.”

Natalie Sawyer: “The hardest part of being a presenter, particularly a woman presenter, is still having to prove you know what you’re talking about.

“Unfortunately, we still live in that world where people don’t quite believe what you say. But there’s more of us coming through, and that’s the main thing.”

UCFB and GIS alumna Jemma Entwistle: “The growth of female coaches in sport is really good to see.

“Being back at alumni events, I get to see the female students that are filling the room.

“Seeing more and more females at UCFB, but also across the industry and working is brilliant, and I’m really passionate about supporting that growth.”

One of UCFB’s main aims is to progress female involvement within sports, diversifying the industry through equal opportunities.

There are many undergraduate scholarships available for women to assist them on their higher education journey. Click here to find out more.