A UCFB alumnus is celebrating the launch of his new book ‘How to become a football agent.’

Thomas Freismuth, who studied BA (Hons) International Football Business at Wembley, is now CEO of his own football agency, GROW.

His career has gone from strength to strength, and now Thomas has co-written How To Become A Football Agent, alongside Jamie Khan and Dr Erkut Sögüt.

The book gives an insight into being a football agent, looking at such factors as negotiation in football, social media, contracts in the modern game and many more.

Experts including Pere Guardiola, Daniel Geey and Misha Sher also give an insight into specific topics in the role of a football agent.

During Thomas’ time at UCFB, he met with lecturer Dr Sögüt, who also agented Mesut Özil.

Thomas said: “It all started at UCFB. Dr Sögüt showed me everything in this business and introduced me to many influential people.

“Five years later, I became his business partner and the CEO of the agency, and we are managing over 50 clients in ten different countries with offices in seven different countries.

“From intern to CEO - and it all started at UCFB.”

How To Become A Football Agent

Thomas went on to say how much he enjoyed his time studying at UCFB.

He said: “I really enjoyed going to one of the most iconic stadiums on a daily basis.

“I really liked the international environment and the opportunities to network through guest speaker sessions but also within the classrooms with students.

“I enjoyed and learnt the most in Neil Doncaster's Management Games - the best course I have ever attended.

“I got to learn the basics of how the football industry works - but more importantly was the strong focus on soft skills in UCFB's Complementary Curriculum, where I learnt a lot about negotiation skills, public speaking, networking, etc.”

He finished: “If you are studying at UCFB, I think you are at a great place to network and become better and more knowledge every day. However, you need to be proactive and work on your network every day.

“UCFB offered me a great opportunity to build and expand my network globally.”

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