We caught up with a UCFB graduate who is now working within the events department at the Football Association.

Paras Panesar, who studied BA (Hons) Football Business and Finance, now works as events assistant at the FA, based in Wembley Stadium.

When asked about her role, she said: “I currently deputise on England’s senior men’s and women’s game, FA Cup Finals and the Community Shield.

“For that, I’m in charge of accreditation, team matters in terms of catering, equipment requirements, and I help out on any pre-match entertainment.

“Day-to-day, I work with different departments and groups of people to collate everything so it’s all ready for matchday.”

She went on to say how she had always wanted a career within football, and why UCFB was the perfect choice of university for her.

“I sat down with my careers advisor and said I want to work in football behind the scenes, and UCFB came up.

“Coming here, learning about the behind-the-scenes of football, all the different routes you can go down, whether it’s media, events, finance, partnerships. There’s so much out there.”

She added: “Coming here, I was able apply the theory I learnt to the practical side. I would work at university through the week, and then at the weekends, I would go to Watford and see it all being put in place.

“Not many people are aware of what goes on behind the scenes in football, so when you have that knowledge and can use it to your advantage, I think it’s so cool and UCFB is the place to do that.”

She finished: “Don’t give yourself any limits. If you work hard, you can achieve whatever you would like to. I think you have to make the most of opportunities. They will be presented to you, but it’s really about you making the most of them.”

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