UCFB recently held the annual Women in Sport Conference in Manchester, inviting young female sports enthusiasts to learn more about our offering and the many career paths available into the sports industry.

The event, held at Old Trafford Football Stadium, welcomed female school and college students to take part in workshops and give them a taste of life at UCFB.

Sarah McLean, events manager at UCFB: “Events like this are important to increase the awareness of the potential females have in the sports industry.

“Having a room filled with female students, females in the industry and our own UCFB students is a really healthy environment to encourage that confidence in females thinking about pursuing a degree within sport.”

One of the female UCFB graduates at the event was Anca-Maria Gherghel, who studied BA (Hons) Football Business and Finance at UCFB Manchester.

Talking about the conference, she said: “When I was at UCFB, there wasn’t many women at these kind of events, and it’s really nice to see a room full of women.

“I’ve literally had equal opportunities and that’s how I started my career in the industry. I was given an opportunity while at UCFB and I took advantage of it.

“UCFB is a fantastic place to start your career as you get the opportunities, you get to network with people, and I feel that in the sports industry, it is about who you know.”

The guest speaker who attended was Hannah Bermudez, director of people and culture at Salford City FC.

“It’s great that there’s so many female role models within the footballing industry that can support and help inspire young talent,” she said.

Sarah McLean finished: “Our academics who have spoken to the students are an extreme highlight of UCFB, the fact that they’re so passionate about their subjects.

“They’re also passionate about encouraging females to pursue degrees within the sports and footballing industry.

“The fact they’re made up of people who work in the industry and have that teaching element is the perfect combination.”

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