If someone told Wes Morgan at the end of the 2014-15 season, after narrowly escaping relegation, that he would be next to lift the Premier League title for Leicester City he’d probably have laughed it off. And he wouldn’t have been the only one – up against 5000-1 odds, the Foxes’ famous triumph remains one of the greatest shocks, and stories, in football history.

But Morgan, who retired in May and is set to join VSI’s MSc Sporting Directorship programme this September, admits that even as the 2015-16 season unfolded and Leicester topped the table at Christmas, the players themselves still couldn’t contemplate the almighty upset of winning the league.

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Speaking exclusively to UCFB, the Jamaican international said: “At no real point were we thinking ‘we’re going to win the league’, especially in the first two thirds of the season. Claudio Ranieri did a great job of trying to distract the media from the fact we could be potential champions, and the players just went out trying to hit targets. First target was 45 points, stay in the league, next target finish as high as possible...”

Little did anyone know, in the early stages, that as high as possible would mean taking home the trophy. But Morgan, who played in the Championship and League One for over a decade before being promoted to the Premier League in 2014, recalls the exact moment he began to believe Leicester could, somehow, overturn the odds.

He said: “I think players have different answers to this, but for me the point where I thought maybe we could win the league was when we played Manchester City away and beat them 3-1. Obviously the great Manchester City, and we just turned them over in their back yard. That was the point for me where I thought we could actually do this.”

Despite the lingering doubts and outspoken cynics throughout the season, Leicester finished a hearty ten points clear of second-placed Arsenal, breezing through the final stages of this epic tale and etching their names in Premier League, and football, history.

Morgan finished: “It was something that in my career I never thought would be possible coming from where I’ve come from – in the lower leagues for ten years and then only just getting into the Premier League. It was an amazing achievement and a great underdog story - 5,000-1 odds to win the Premier League. It was incredible, something that I didn't think was possible.”