Coaching student Lipa raising the game for females in sport

By Rebecca Hawksworth

UCFB is proud to support a number of initiatives that encourage more women to get involved in football and sport. From the recent Raise Your Game Women’s Conference with Kick It Out at Wembley Stadium to offering a number of scholarships for female students, we’re on the lookout to help develop the next generation of female talent.

We spoke to student Lipa Nessa at UCFB Wembley, who is currently studying for a degree in BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching, to get her take on females in the football and sports industry and how she hopes to follow a pathway to coach in deprived and war-torn countries…

What attracted you towards studying the BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching programme at UCFB?

UCFB is a unique institution with a growing potential. This is a dream course for me, and both elements spark my interest further into the sporting world. The geographical location in Wembley fed my passion for sport and London is a vibrant city which is rich in sports culture, so choosing UCFB was ideal for me.

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Lipa (pictured right) spoke at the Kick It Out Raise Your Game 2019 conference at Wembley Stadium

How do you find being a female studying a coaching course with females still a minority in professional coaching?

When I realised I was one of few females on my programme it was daunting at first, but I soon realised that overall there’s a lack of woman in sport. To change the minority into a majority it will take time, especially in coaching, but there are many sporting bodies that are working towards this goal. Having degree programmes like this that helps attract more females to break into the coaching world will really help.

How involved with coaching have you been outside of your programme?

I’ve participated in several coaching camps across the country. Gaining knowledge and seeking discomfort instead of staying in my comfort zone has broadened my mind-set of coaching in different environments. In the UK there are many facilities that enable us to gain knowledge in terms of coaching.

What are your aspirations for the future after graduating from UCFB?

After graduating my aim is to gain my coaching badges and use those skills in war-torn and third world countries to better their football coaching DNA.

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