UCFB graduate Manfredi Miyashita works for Mughoot - a sports marketing agency based in London - in a fascinating marketing and communications role that encompasses talent management, sponsor activation, press, and social media. Before joining Mughoot, Manfredi gained valuable experience in the industry at Reset Group in Italy – a consultancy firm for athletes and sports companies. We spoke to the BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing graduate while he was at Reset about what he’s taken from UCFB into his career, and his advice to current and prospective UCFB students…

Can you please explain who you work for and what you do?

I work for a sports marketing agency called Reset Group, which provides consultancy services to athletes and companies interested in investing in sports media. We organise events, perform sports management services and sell and curate the image of celebrities within the sports industry. I am currently working alongside the marketing and commercial manager, helping to produce and deliver presentations for prospective clients and for potential partnerships between football players and brands/sponsors. I am also responsible for taking care of the company’s social media accounts.

What does your day-to-day routine look like?

My day-to-day routine for Reset Group is primarily office based at the moment. I focus on strategically building the company’s social media presence in order to increase brand awareness and online influence. I also conduct thorough market research to identify potential companies to collaborate with for adverts and/or events, and then work to identify the right celebrity to be the campaign’s figurehead. I create presentations for prospective athletes, coaches, and sponsors, proposing partnerships and collaborations.

What are your future plans?

I’d like to continue developing my networks in the football industry and to build on my commercial skills and knowledge. I would also like to keep strengthening my social media skills and to continue learning about new approaches and techniques with the hope of one day working in England – a country that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. One of my goals is to possess a comprehensive understanding of the football and sports industry, not only from a digital standpoint but also from a commercial aspect – working with sponsors, creating events and building partnerships.

Have you always wanted to work in social media?

I have always been curious about social media and about learning new ways of communicating, however, I was undecided on what career path to take at the start. The turning-point happened while I was studying at UCFB during a digital marketing module. I was hooked almost immediately and everything after that came very naturally to me, and that’s when I discovered the potential in this career choice. My job role doesn’t solely include social media responsibilities as I also take part in commercial activities with brands and stakeholders within football, which I am pleased about as it allows me to gain insights into other areas of the industry. This is an aspect that I’m really enjoying and I believe it can bring added value to my skills and progression as a marketer in football.

What would you say are the key attributes to being a successful marketer?

I think there are three key attributes that are important to have for success, regardless of the type of job you are in: passion, work ethic and education. I believe these should be the foundations used to develop your other qualities on. When it comes to being a successful marketer, I think you need to be adaptable, which entails having an open mind and a solution-oriented approach; you need to be innovative, which means being creative and experimental; and ultimately have good communication skills – be authoritative but trustworthy and credible at the same time. I believe that these are all attributes one can develop without overlooking the importance of structure in this field.

What advice would you give to young aspiring sports marketers who are looking to study a degree in that area?

It might sound like a cliché but my advice is to make the most out of your time in higher education. For example, the skills you learn at UCFB are the skills you will eventually need in your future work environment and in your day-to-day activities. As well as learning the fundamentals, which are vital, my advice is to try and develop a ‘marketing mindset’, meaning being constantly curious, always on the look-out for new opportunities and seeking ways to add value in every relationship and situation you are in. The best way to achieve this is by looking at your superiors and at people with more experience than you, and to take away something that you believe is important from each of them.

How has studying at UCFB helped your career so far?

Studying at UCFB has helped me both personally and professionally. It put me in the right mindset and conditions for a work environment: the infrastructures, the ‘business-approach’, and the relationships I created at UCFB will always be an asset for me when it comes to working and developing networks in a very competitive market like the sports industry. Furthermore, being Italian and now working in Italy, UCFB represents a double advantage for me. Many people are fascinated by the type of institution UCFB is and this has only brought benefits to my image and future career possibilities.

What advice would you give to new incoming first-year UCFB students?

My advice is to have a positive approach, to work hard, and to make the most of the amazing opportunity you have by studying at UCFB. Enjoy your first year as much as possible but be motivated and driven in your studies, be open-minded, and build authentic relationships. Everyone you meet at UCFB can potentially be a client or partner of yours in five years’ time. I also had the gratifying opportunity to work in the marketing department at UCFB for eight months, almost two years after graduating from UCFB Burnley, where I met fantastic people and true professionals. Therefore, my advice is to always keep all doors open and to value the contacts you make, especially in the sports industry.

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