Why UCFB and GIS?

“The online degree gave me the flexibility to stay at home with my family and to continue my education in the football industry. The reason I chose UCFB was because of the international partnerships and hubs it has in New York, Atlanta, Toronto and Melbourne. As a previous collegiate soccer player in the US, I’m very interested in learning more about the football industry, especially the North American football industry which is a future career goal for me.”

On studying online

“Overall the experience online was easier than I expected. It’s very easy to stay on top of things because it’s very structured.

On programme leader Chris Winn

“My lecturer Chris (Winn) was fantastic. He studied football business himself, is very knowledgeable, and comes from a football finance background himself in the industry. So it was great to get the chance to speak with him, he was always available, so you really did feel like you were part of everything.”

Why should students choose UCFB and GIS?

“If you’re passionate about football then it’s definitely an institution that will help you grow in the industry, give you a sound understanding of the football industry and prepare you for some great opportunities in the game.”