Alumni profile: Sam Swanton, Retail Manager at Wigan Athletic

Sometimes your career can take a turn you didn’t see coming but it all works out for the best. Now working as Retail Manager at Wigan Athletic, graduate Sam Swanton may well fall into that category.

After graduating from UCFB with his BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing degree in 2015, Sam took up a role at MK Dons a Customer Service Representative in the retail team. From what started as a role in ticketing, he was quickly brought into the club’s retail team after his grasp of the marketing sphere was recognised by senior management.

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With his initial interest in working in the sports industry centred around becoming part of the marketing department at a professional football club, the experience in his role so far at MK Dons has seen him re-evaluate his future career path. He had a big part to play in the launch of the new online shop, with the club taking on board his research and suggestions. Sam even gets to experience the buzz on transfer deadline day, taking calls from club management to produce new printed shirts for the club’s latest signings.

Sam, who was SU president during his time at UCFB, said: “The marketing aspect of my degree comes into the retail side of things at MK a lot. You’ve got to market your product as well as you can and make sure it sells to its full potential. Also, you need to know what’s your mark up, what’s your margins, that kind of thing.”

With some advice for prospective and current UCFB student aspiring to work in the football and sports industry, he added: “I believe one of the most important traits to work in sport is a lot of patience, a lot of persistence and a fair amount of confidence. Whatever you want will come eventually, even if it’s not now.”

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