UCFB HE is an aspirational, challenger university, with a proven model for making sports education more relevant, more connected and more embedded in the sports industry, providing our students with the best experience in the world of sport.

Our mission and purpose define who we are, what we aim to achieve and why. Whilst the mission of our institution is unified, the different brands that operate under our umbrella serve complimentary purposes, aligning towards that same mission.

Our Mission:

To be the world’s leading sports education institution

Our Purpose:

To provide diverse, experienced, best-in-class graduates to the football and sports industries

Our People Values & Behaviours:

One team united around sport education

  • Our DNA means that we look after each other as one learning community
  • We know that teamwork and collaboration are the fundamentals to achieving goals
  • We celebrate each other’s strengths, differences and achievements
  • When we disagree, we challenge constructively, accept the outcome and move forward

Fair play for all

  • We are inclusive, ensuring all students and staff are supported to succeed at UCFB HE
  • We are equitable in how we treat each and every person: committed to level playing fields
  • We are honest in our expectations of each other: educationally, academically and professionally
  • We are transparent in how we make our decisions

Bringing your best game

  • We are passionate about goals: for our students and for ourselves
  • We inspire others by how we act and what we achieve
  • We embrace innovation and better ways of doing things
  • We continuously strive to improve on our previous best performance
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