A UCFB graduate has been talking to us about his university journey and the new partnership between UCFB and the organisation he works for, Bloomsbury Football.

Josh Arnold studied BA (Hons) Sports Business and Coaching at UCFB Burnley and Manchester, and now plies his trade as club football manager at Bloomsbury Football.

Bloomsbury Football is an all-inclusive charity based across London, which just began a partnership with UCFB to grow opportunities for young people within the sports industry.

The organisation delivers high quality football and futsal sessions to 5,000 young people each week.

When asked about his role, Josh said: “I oversee all of our competitive teams.

“The key parts of the role are the management of our coaching team, the organisation of long-term projects, budgeting for every part of the programme, and supporting with the weekly fixture and training logistics alongside our co-ordinators.”


He added, talking about the recent partnership with UCFB: “It's a project I've been working on for a while! Being personally connected to both organisations, I know that we are perfectly aligned.

“We are both aiming to deliver outstanding provision and fulfil the potential of every person in our programmes, with football and education at the heart of all that we do.

“Bloomsbury Football has welcomed UCFB students to our team since we were founded in 2018, with many of the early coaches studying in Wembley.

“We hope to continue that pathway, offering students paid work on the pitch with our players, as well as expanding those opportunities to other departments too.

“Bloomsbury Football also oversees the Girls Super League, voted London's League of the Year, so perhaps those wishing to gain experience in running a league will look to involve themselves with the GSL.

“Overall, this partnership will provide incredible opportunities for students to work towards their dream role in the sports industry, whatever that may be!”

When asked about his university experience, he said: “From the moment I visited Turf Moor and met the lecturers, I knew it was going to be a great fit, and I moved a long way from home to study.

“I met some of my closest mates, networked with many people that I still work with today, gained a lot of work experience at various football organisations, and developed skills that have allowed me to progress to this point in my career.

Josh continued: “I've loved seeing the growth of UCFB over the past 10 years and, similarly to Bloomsbury, it's on an upwards trajectory.

“I'm not at all surprised to see the popularity of UCFB increasing, as my experience was so positive and it has set me up for the career in sport that I desired. I'm sure many others are working towards the same goals, and I'm confident that UCFB is the place to help them to get there.

“UCFB provides incredible partnerships and networking opportunities that students can benefit from.

“The lecturers are often active in their field and are passionate about their students' development, and the guest speaker sessions allow for unprecedented insights from the minds of those performing at the highest level.”

He finished: “My top tip would be to work hard and align education with practical experience. Be open to new opportunities, seek environments where you will learn, and don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

“I hope we'll have many enthusiastic and passionate students contacting us about opportunities to work at Bloomsbury Football, and we'll be happy to support them on their journey!”

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