Last week I returned back to London after an 8-day placement with the Baltimore Orioles. This placement allowed me to learn about the operations of a Major League Baseball franchise including broadcasting and production.

BA (Hons) Football Business and Media student, Chloe Atkins, shares her Baltimore Orioles work experience.

My time with the Orioles was a fantastic experience that kept me very busy each day. From sitting in on the filming of the pre-game show, to being in the production truck during the games and shadowing the PR team in the press box. This all highlighted how much goes in to making a live event successful for fans at home. 

Myself & 
Ben Fitzpatrick also got to learn more about ticket sales, membership and season ticket teams, corporate partnerships and HR. We also got to spend our last day with the team translator. 

Being able to network and receive this insight first hand and actively watch those in the industry work has been beyond valuable in many different ways. For example, following 
Andrew Ferrier & Micki Quartucci during the Chick Fil A activation allowed us to watch these interactions but also ask questions along the way. This was notable for me as it opened my eyes up to a career path I want to investigate further.

I would also like to give a special mention to Sofia Lucero and Tony Price. I am currently doing media work myself & hearing them speak really resonated with me. It has given me a new outlook on how to improve my work moving forward. Another big mention goes out to Brandon Lee Quinones who talked about his personal journey and importance of networking and relationship building. 

To everyone at the Orioles, Thank you! 

A massive thanks also goes to Simon Fitzjohn & UCFB who helped organize this and made it possible for the two of us. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Upon reflection of the trip I’m excited for the future, and to see where my journey takes me!