Last month, Global Institute of Sport (GIS) hosted the first ever in person New York Sports Summit, offering both GIS and UCFB students, plus alumni, the chance to immerse themselves in the global sports industry.

From behind-the-scenes access to several elite sports venues, including the Red Bull Arena, to countless live match experiences, students were able to get a flavour of the unrivalled American sports scene for themselves, delving into the ‘Big Four’ – Baseball, American Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey – as well as the ever-growing soccer community in the US.

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They also enjoyed exclusive access to a range of guest speaker sessions, including Joseph Stetson, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at New York Red Bulls, and Fred Mangione, Senior Vice President at New York Jets, alongside former professional players, including Connor Lade, who offered a fresh insight into the sector from an alternative perspective.  

With the unique opportunity to engage with these experts in their fields, those who made the trip across the Atlantic were able not only to expand their networks, but to build on their knowledge of how the US sports scene compares to that of the UK, helping acquire a holistic understanding of the industry in its broadest sense.

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UCFB and GIS also hosted a Miami Summit last month, providing students with an unparalleled insight into the famously sports-mad state. Later this year, further events will be held in both Toronto and Atlanta, as we strive to ensure that students say goodbye to UCFB with a profound knowledge of what sport means to different individuals and communities worldwide, and how to capitalise on that from a commercial perspective.

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