Home to popular MLS team New York Red Bulls, this global hub provides access to one of the great sports cities that hosts other world-renowned teams including MLB sides the Yankees and Mets, NBA teams Nets and Knicks, the NFL's Giants and Jets, and fellow MLS club New York City FC.

Red Bull Arena provides a unique opportunity to network with and learn from the revolutionary multinational Red Bull football brand, pioneers in 21st century sport.

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On campus and online students, as well as alumni, are able to attend the Global Sports Summit event at the Red Bull Arena each year.

The schedule in New York, like the summits for each GIS hub, will be based around four themes:

  • From the pitch – hear from those who contribute towards the playing side of sport such as coaches, match analysts and sports scientists;
  • From industry – find out more from those who’re responsible for what happens behind the scenes, including marketing managers, agents and media officers;
  • From the boardroom – learn about how the big decisions are taken at clubs and organisations from the likes of chief executives and chief finance officers;
  • Cultural activities – this will include visits to national landmarks, more of New York’s leading stadiums and at least one live sports fixture (subject to fixture lists).

Guest speakers for the summit will be confirmed closer to the event, but attendees will be able to hear from the leaders and key personnel at some of New York’s leading sports and clubs including the New York Red Bulls, MLS and NBA.

Multiple time zone delivery

From the 2021/22 academic year, our MSc Football Business and MSc International Sport Management online programme will be delivered in three time zones for the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Australasia. Our MSc Football Communications & Digital Marketing (Online) programme will also be available for both the Americas and Europe and Africa.

Synchronous, live sessions will be delivered for the GMT/BST, AEST/AEDT and EST/EDT time zones to provide the greatest studying flexibility. To further enhance the learning experience around the world, there will be various touchpoints throughout the year for all students, including guest speaker sessions and networking opportunities.

Global Insight Series

The Global Insight Series is an elite on-campus and online networking and thought leadership series. Delivered both online through a variety of digital publications, podcasts, videos and seminars, with lives seminars also held across our various GIS & UCFB campuses and business centres, this key professional development facet of our offering is distributed to the mobile phone and laptop of every member of the GIS & UCFB family, students, alumni and business partners alike.

The Global Insight Series provides unprecedented access and collaboration opportunities between the world’s elite sports network.

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We can’t wait to welcome UCFB students and alumni to Red Bull Arena, the only soccer-specific stadium in the New York area. We’re excited to work with you and show you what we do on a day to day basis to create the best fan experience in New York sport.

Joe StetsonChief Marketing and Revenue Officer at New York Red Bulls

Sport in New York

There’s no doubt about it – the United States love sport. The country plays host to many world-famous clubs and brands, but nothing comes close to New York City. Name a sport and chances are the Big Apple will have a team or four. With a population of nearly nine million, there are certainly enough fans around to support many of NYC’s world famous clubs. 

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Yankee Stadium can host up to 54,000 baseball fans.

NYC - the city that never sleeps

Despite being the scene for 101 disasters movies, New York is a city famed around the world for sport, education, music, fashion and so much more. It’s the most visited city in the US, and has a university student population of over 600,000 – more than any other US city.

Your guide to New York City
A brief history

Despite being the scene for 101 disasters movies, New York is a city famed around the world for sport, education, music, fashion and so much more. It’s the most visited city in the US, and has a university student population of over 600,000 – more than any other US city. NYC was the original capital city of the United States up until 1790, and it was where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the US. The famous New York Stock Exchange opened in 1792, and it remains one of the most important financial landmarks throughout the world. The following century saw the rapid construction of Manhattan and surrounding areas, with the likes of the Brooklyn Bridge open in 1883, and the French gifting the Statue of Liberty to the city three years later. The 20th century saw rapid progress at all levels throughout the city as New York became what it is today – one of the most important cities in the world.

Things to do

Where do we begin? The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building – NYC has something to see and do on every street corner. Whether it’s the arts, sport or architectural mastery, the city that never sleeps is anything but boring. Catch a show on Broadway, watch the ball game at Yankee Stadium, go shopping on 5th Avenue and take in the view from the Top of the Rock. Then there’s the wonders that are the New York Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim. The trouble is when you leave, you’ll realise there’s just so much more to see.

Sport in NYC

New York City has the highest concentration of professional sports teams of any city or region in the US. With two NBA teams, two NFL teams, two NHL and two MLS teams – including the New York Red Bulls – sports fans in the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a sport or a team.

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Food and drink

In case you didn’t already know, food is a big thing in the US. And if it’s big in the US then that means it’s massive in NYC. From street food to fine dining, some of the world’s leading chefs and cuisines are squeezed onto Manhattan Island. Grab a slice at Mama’s Too, voted by the New York Times as one of the best pizzas in NYC; a Feltman’s hot dog on Coney Island is a must; and there’s the authentic New York Bagel – Russ & Daughters is an absolute classic. For those who like tables and cutlery, the options are endless. Keens Steakhouse is an institution; Katz Deli is perhaps the most legendary deli in the city, serving pastrami sandwiches the size of a small animal; and the Grand Central Oyster Bar is exactly that – a famed oyster restaurant within the most recognised train station in America.

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The New York skyline is the most recognisable in the world.

We’re sure you have questions about UCFB and our global hubs, so we’ve put together some handy FAQs which we think tells you everything you need to know about our events.

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