A question prospective students often ask at a UCFB Open Day is: “How do I become a football agent?”

While there’s no one specific answer, there are many things you can do to help you on your way to becoming an agent and earning the huge rewards that come with the very best.

The first, and perhaps most important thing, is to network and meet people. An agent with little or no clients won’t last very long. So at the beginning this means going to games, attending networking events, meeting club officials and getting to know the young talent in the game. Chances are most professionals will already be represented, so looking for the stars of tomorrow is a great place to start – so this also means having a good eye for talent, much like a scout.

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International sports agent Malle Koido previously told UCFB students who asked her how to become a sport agent: “To be a successful agent, and to represent players and clubs, your network is your primary selling tool. If you’re a young person starting out, the best thing is to get out there and show your face as much as you can in the football environment.”

A sports agent could come from any background, be it media, marketing or business, and often enter this line of work from another job in the football industry. All of these traits though are necessary in becoming a successful and efficient agent, and athlete representative. Working with the press, especially during the transfer window, is almost compulsory; being able to promote yourself and your client will be your main task; and dealing with things like contracts and sponsorship deals is also part and parcel of the job.

Malle added: “Really upskilling in terms of knowing all the legal regulations, knowing how the transfer market works, having a lot of market knowledge on salaries, judgement values, what different clubs look for, playing styles and having as much information as possible is key.”

It’s a lucrative career for those who have the drive, determination and people skills to succeed. Successful agents, including Paul Stretford who represents Wayne Rooney, and Sky Andrew, who looks after Jermain Defoe, have visited UCFB to speak to students about their careers and how to get into this popular and challenging career environment.

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