Harry Kane might be one of the deadliest finishers in the game today and breaking records on a weekly basis, but can you guess which other famous Premier League striker’s boots he once cleaned?

While Robbie Keane was busy banging them in for Tottenham on his way to 126 Premier League goals, the teenage Kane was keeping the leather on his boots fresh and looking towards the Irishman for advice.

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Speaking to UCFB as part of the LMA Insight Series, Keane said: “The thing I liked about Harry was when we did shooting sessions after training he was there watching and sometimes getting involved. I would constantly train him when the manager allowed us.”

Kane's rise since then is no secret. This season he has entered the top ten all time Premier League goal scorers list and has his eyes firmly set on Alan Shearer’s record of 260.

Keane added: “Did I see the heights he was going to go to? I would say no because how could you think that at 15/16 years of age, but what I did like was his work rate and his endeavour to try and practice every day.

“Harry always wanted to practice and did shooting and he certainly knew he wanted to be a football player. I’m just delighted with the player that he’s become.”