By Ray Boggiano

The Pitch View West Auditorium overlooking the pitch at Wembley Stadium was full for last month’s exclusive guest lecture with Sky Sports News Reporter Dharmesh Sheth. Dharmesh is one of the UK’s most recognisable sports broadcast reporters having worked at Sky Sports News since its inception in 1998, and became an instant favourite with UCFB students.

Dharmesh Sheth gave an insight into the rapidly changing media world, and in particular he discussed the challenges and experiences that he has faced within live sports reporting. The advice that he provided to UCFB students was invaluable, and will serve them well throughout their three years of study and far into their careers.

When asked for his advice to aspiring media and broadcasting professionals, Dharmesh Sheth said:

“Media is a huge yet small world. Not burning any bridges is the biggest piece of advice as you don’t know when you’re going to meet these people again.”

In a week that started with Transfer Deadline Day, Dharmesh provided the students with a behind-the-scenes look at the task of reporting on such a frantic event. He revealed that it requires an unmatched level of coordination between the broadcasters in the studio and the reporters on the road and at various stadiums. Dharmesh also went into detail about the process of breaking a story, touching on the ethics of the media to contact all parties before breaking the news.

Dharmesh Sheth finished his Q&A session by praising the students and facilities at UCFB:

“I was speaking to one of the students about [UCFB] last year. Incredible.  I have to say that the guest session was very, very good and nerve-wracking. I’ve done lots of lives before and I think that was more nerve-wracking.”

A number of UCFB students met with Dharmesh at last weekend’s Capital One Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, home of UCFB Wembley and continue to interact with the renowned sports broadcaster on a regular basis.