Three of our students were recently included in an exchange between UCFB and Harvard University, as they travelled across the Atlantic to spend some time at the Ivy League college.

William, Jacob and Alexandtro, three BA (Hons) Sports Business and Sports Law students, were chosen by course leader Dr Alexander Chrysanthou to take part in some sessions at Harvard at the end of their second year.

While in Massachusetts, the students were mentored by professors Aaron Coputo and Peter Carfana, who took them on a tour of the Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School and the university’s sporting facilities.

The students took part in three seminar sessions focusing on US-specific sports law issues, including LIV Golf and the fiduciary duty of sports agents.

There was plenty of time for networking for the students with sports law industry professionals, which included a dinner with the legal teams from the Boston Red Sox and Worcester Red Sox, and sports lawyers Joe Rosen and Chris Deubert.

Chris Deubert, who was previously a general counsel for MLS side DC United, gave our students a tour around his Boston-based law firm offices, discussing careers within sports law.


Away from the classroom, the UCFB students managed to immerse themselves into the Harvard and American culture, attending the college football match between Harvard and fellow Ivy League university Dartmouth.

When asked about the college football match, Jacob said: “It was a really interesting experience to see how Americans really support their college teams, especially when we had been told not to expect anything crazy in attendance.

“Ivy league colleges don't really focus on their college football compared to your Michigan States, but I reckon there was still probably around 10,000 people in attendance.”


This was on top of time exploring the historic city of Boston and a Halloween trip to Salem.

William said: “Looking back on the trip, I am able to fully realise what an amazing unique experience it was. From the people we were able to meet and the experiences we had whilst over there, the trip was definitely worth it.”

Alexandtro added: “The things that I will take from the trip are that hard work pays off and challenging yourself helps you achieve your goals, and to always pursue and learn new things as knowledge is key in our industry.”

Jacob said: “It was just an amazing opportunity. I got to meet some fantastic and really interesting people who I will stay in contact with. The whole experience really opened my eyes.”

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